Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Addons

Donna asks…

What are some good addons for world of warcraft?

I need some good addons for world of warcraft. Alliance please

dknol answers:

– Recount
– Questhelper
– Outfitter (handy for duel spec)
– Xpearl

Lisa asks…

wow addons/ world of warcraft addons?

is there a addon in world of warcraft that makes you not have to scroll up and down on the ablility or spell bar?

dknol answers:

If it's scrolling you don't want why don't you just go interface, action bars, and spread the bars out?

Carol asks…

Help with world of warcraft addons?

Ok i've seen counless videos of addons on world of warcraft but i am looking for a specific one that is a casting bar that is shaped like an arc, i really want that addon and cant find the name of it so please help me!

dknol answers:

Go to

I know what your talking about i just cant remember the name

bartender4 is also a good action bar addon

Helen asks…

How do i install addons to World of Warcraft?

I can't install any addons to my WoW account. Every time i try to open/save the addon my computer does it as an iTunes file instead of the folder it should be. I'm running Vista and Firefox is my browser. Help would be greatly appreciated.

dknol answers:

If you are using don't do the automatic install thing.
But whatever site you use this should work:

The easiest way is to just manually download whatever application you want to your desktop. From there open your WoW folder and go to the Interface folder. Then you can just drag the entire folder from your Desktop into the folder named AddOns.

If that is still not working…

Open up the folder of the addon you downloaded and see if there are any extra folders inside. Sometimes addons come with multiple folders to control the mod. If the folder is full of nothing but other folders drag THOSE into the AddOns folder. If it is a bunch of documents ending in .lua or .toc with only a couple folders then you don't have to drag anything out.

Hope that helps!

Michael asks…

Where can i download world of warcraft addons?

wheres a place where i get alot of the ones used like threat meter auctioneer deadly boss the other stuff?
cuz im almost 70 so im going to need those soon

dknol answers:

Download WoW Matrix

It's a program that will automatically install/update many addons. You basically install the program, open it, select the addons you want to download and it installs them and moves them all into the correct folder.

In the future you can open the program and update all of your addons at one time.

It's really nice because it saves a lot of time and searching for addons.

Good luck!

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