Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Addons

David asks…

Is there any World of Warcraft addons that allow you to see all the armor/weapons in the game?

I am an avid Roleplayer on the World of Warcraft private server I play on, but we recently updated to Cataclysm and the mod I was using (Atlastloot) isn't compatible with the server. The server is on patch 4.0.6a.

dknol answers:

Atlas Loot Enhanced

Ken asks…

How can i get my World of Warcraft addons to work?

I have downloaded the addon that i want and it is in the users/public/games/worldofwarcraft/interface/addons folder in my computer but for some reason when i log on to my character selection screen, there is no addon button in the bottom left corner. What do i do?

dknol answers:

and then in the client u can download addons and it directly adds it to wow

Lisa asks…

What are the names of these World of Warcraft Addons in this photo?

I pay wow….Im a druid healer and i want to make my screen look like this one, could someone please help me find out the names of all these addons in the photo? Maybe even where i can download them from?

dknol answers:

Looks to me like elkano buff bars, grid (ui), and cycircled (icons), at least…not sure about the others

Donald asks…

What are some of the best world of warcraft addons?

Don't say bartender(I don't know how to use that and I don't like to key bind) and don't say recount

dknol answers:

Well I don't really know the best but I'll list the ones I use an they're pretty helpful :)

-Mage Nuggets
-Bad Kitty
-Recount (sorry u said not to say it but I'm listing mine that help me haha)
-Auctionator(prolly one of my fav)
-gathermate(another fav)

and I think that's about all I use.. :)

Mandy asks…

How do i get world of Warcraft addons?

dknol answers:

First, go to an addon site like or Then search through for addons that are popular, or that you find interesting.

Try to only download addons with several hundred downloads already, so you know you wont get a virus from them (for that reason, I don't use the Curse client or other auto-updating programs)

Once you have downloaded the addons you want, unzip them using an extraction program such as WinZip, then extract them to your addons folder (usually Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons)

Then you need to completely exit Warcraft and restart it. Once you log on, there is an Addons option in the lower left hand corner. You can use this to enable or disable whichever addons you wish, and make sure to enable the “Load out-of-date Addons” option.

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