Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Addons

Paul asks…

what are the best world of warcraft addons?

ive been using quest helper and other things to help me but i need some addons that will really help me lvl.

dknol answers:

Quest Helper is great for helping you level. If you're talking about ones that increase your xp or whatever, those are illegal and you WILL get banned.

Use Quest Helper to help you streamline your questing (so you can do a bunch of quests at once that are in the same area). I like Titan Panel for the coordinates, monitoring my durability and bag space, and showing me how much xp until I level.

Helen asks…

How do i put addons on World of warcraft?

Hello i really need help with putting addons in world of warcraft it is really confusing if you would like to help either please answer this or call me id rather the call for better help call me 1-715-851-0335 thx btw my name is Kurt Sulskis and if you prank call ill jus do a reverse call so dont try thx

dknol answers:

If you look into your warcraft files on your computer, there is one for addons. Put the files there.
Open warcraft, there will be a button on the bottom left for enabling addons. Click this and all of the ones you have in that folder will be listed. You can check the ones you wanted enabled. You can even deactivate any addons which are a subset of the main one (if you only want certain functionalities from it).

Steven asks…

What are the best Addons for world of warcraft?

I am going to start playing world of warcraft and im going to make a protection pally. I need to know what are the best general addons I can use and what are protection pally addons. Please i have stopped playing because i got bored but I'm going to Start again but I'm trying to find addons but I don't know which ones are good. Also place a link to a place where I can download them

dknol answers:

Contrary to the previous person's post, you don't need to get the quest helper add-on. Blizzard incorporated their own a few patches ago. Other than that, i suggest going to for other add-ons. They have different add-ons for every class. Hope this helps.

Donna asks…

World of Warcraft Addons – Bars for Buffs and Debuffs?

I am looking for a simple Addon which tracks buffs that are on me and my target, as well as debuffs that are on me and my target. Preferably as a bar which moves to completion. All the things I've downloaded that could have had these features are massively cumbersome and complicated. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you.

dknol answers:

I use Elkano's Buff Bars.


Charles asks…

World of Warcraft addons arent working?

I've added the popular TomTom and Questhelper and put them in the WoW addons folder witht the default addons but when i sign in there isn't a place to view them?

dknol answers:

You have to make sure you load them properly or they won't work at all for you. If you are having issues loading them (like a friend of mine does) go to and make a free account. They have an addon downloader that will load them for you properly. If they are loaded properly you will notice a button on the bottom left hand corner of your Character Selection screen that says addons. Click it. Always select Load out of date addons. Also if you are running VISTA make sure you are putting WOW in the proper file. Its in the public file. I found WoW in 2 places on my computer and if I put addons in the non public file they wouldn't work.

Instructions for downloading addons.

1. Download the file to a location you can find easily (personally I use my desktop)

2. Unzip the file.

3. Open the file (if there is another file in there with the same name move that file. Its your addon. If you see a bunch of items that your not sure what it is leave it alone and move the whole folder. Some addons unzip differently than others. I always check.

4. Open up the World of Warcraft program folder. (if your using vista its under computer/games/world of warcraft)

5. Open the interface folder.

6. Open the addons folder

7. Move your unzipped addons to that location.

8. Close the folders.

9. Restart world of warcraft. I have noticed that occasionally very rarely that I need to restart my computer to make some of the addons work.

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