Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Addons

Betty asks…

What are safe World of Warcraft addons that alot of people use?

im just looking for a safe wow addons so i can download some

dknol answers:

Try QuestHelper. It is extremely helpful.

Jenny asks…

What are some fun addons in world of warcraft?

I was looking around for some fun addons in world of warcraft. I have sexymap, the final fantasy music for the mount and the comix crit hit addon. I am not really looking for game changing addons, just ones that make the game fun or addons that are funny. Thanks!

dknol answers:

and pretty much all of the ones on this page

Richard asks…

How do you put addons to world of warcraft using a mac?

hi i was just wondering how to put addons on world of warcraft using a mac such a X-pearl?

dknol answers:

As someone who plays WoW on a Mac under Mac OS X, it is basically the same as on Windows on a PC. The only main difference, is that some AddOn authors make self-extracting archive programs that will install AddOns for you, but they only run on Windows (they end in .exe).

If you know where your World of Warcraft folder is, look for an Interface folder inside that. Inside the Interface folder should be an AddOns folder. You should not have to create the AddOns folder as there should already be standard ones in there starting with “Blizzard_” in the their names.

To install an AddOn, make sure it is unzipped or uncompressed and appears as a folder, like “QuestAnnouncer” or something like that, and put it in the AddOns folder.

Make sure you are putting the correct AddOn folder in the AddOns folder. Some AddOns are packaged together, like Atlas which has a bunch of parts. To tell a real AddOn folder look inside it for a file that ends in .toc (like QuestAnnouncer.toc).

Once you have the AddOn folder in the AddOns folder, you're done! Launch WoW, log in, click one of your characters (don't click Enter World yet), and click the AddOns button in the lower left corner. If your AddOn has been correctly installed, it should show up in the list with a checkbox and no error to the right. Sometimes AddOns are out-of-date.

Mark asks…

World of Warcraft addons not working?

After downloading the latest patch before Cataclysm, the game kept suggesting I turn off my addons to have the game run smoother, so I did. Now the addons tab in Interface is missing and I don't know how to make them work anymore. Help?
Also, the addons button in the corner of the character selection screen isn't there.

dknol answers:

Girls don't play WoW, your argument is invalid.

Donald asks…

how do you turn on world of warcraft addons?

Do you turn on the addons in the game?Or before you log in

dknol answers:

After you log in, there is a button in the bottom left that you can click (if it's not there, the add-ons didn't load). You don't have to click on the button, they'll just be on when you choose your character but you can disable them by clicking on that one and uncheckboxing them.

Remember when you unzip an add-on, that the folder should be: wow…interface/add-ons/questhelper

Or whatever the name of the add-on is. Not: wow…interface/add-ons/questhelper/questhelper

Which is a frequent and annoying problem with unzipping as they end up one folder too deep. Just copy and paste them one level higher.

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