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Joseph asks…

What are the Best Addons to Use in World of Warcraft?

I want to know what the best addons and mods are for world of warcraft and what they do. I started playing again and all my addons got deleted and now I dont remember which ones I used and What they all do! Please help me! If it helps, I am a level 36 Warrior. Fury Spec.

dknol answers:

I would recommend Questhelper/Carbonite, Autoprofitx, Fubar, Cartographer, Atlasloot enhanced, Omen, Outfitter, X-Perl Unit frames, Bartender4, and (if you have mining or herbalism) Gatherer.

Questhelper/Carbonite will boost your leveling speed exponentially by showing you on your map, and with a directional arrow on your screen, where to go next for your quests.

Autoprofitx is an older addon, but it still works just fine. What it does is place a button on merchants that auto-sells all of your Grey items (customizable). This doesn't seem like much, but it speeds up your selling time.

Fubar keeps track of your other addons by placing a bar at the top or bottom of your screen and gives links to your enabled addons.

Cartographer makes your map into a window so you can still ride, interact and actually see whats going on while you are looking at your map. In addition it can be customized to show unexplored areas.

Atlasloot enhanced will show you all of the bosses loot in instances and drop percentages. It is a great tool for seeing what to run for gear, and which boss drops it.

Omen Threat Meter isn't a big deal at this point in your game, but when you get to higher levels, you are going to need to be keeping track of your threat, weather your DPSing the instance or Tanking it.

Outfitter keeps track of your gear and you can switch from dps gear to tank gear and back with a press of a button.

X-Pearl isn't a big deal at this point, but at higher level you will need it for raids, so it's best to get used to it now. It categorizes every player in your raid group into subgroups visually on your screen.

Bartender4 customizes your user interface by allowing you to put as many action bars and buttons as you want and anywhere on your screen.

There are plenty of other great ones out there, check for a complete list and popular downloads.

Robert asks…

How many addons can I have on world of warcraft?

How many addons can I have on world of warcraft? And if I can configure it to load more addons, how do I configure it?

dknol answers:

Well I believe this might be a question of how much memory you have. I believe you could load as many addons as you like without adjusting anything.

Might slow down your game play and some addons have problems working with others so you would want to research this.

Mark asks…

What are some alternatives to LootLink for World of Warcraft?

I used to use LootLink for viewing and linking items within World of Warcraft. Telo no longer updates that addon. I have used Ludwig but do not like its slow loading time. Any alternatives to LootLink that would work with the newest patch for World of Warcraft? Also, a downloadable premade database would be nice.
I have tried Ludwig and do not like it. Atlasloot is for dungeon loot only. I want an in-game item database. ItemSync is no longer an option as it is no longer maintained.

dknol answers:

I've never used Lootlink but try using Atlasloot if they are same thing.

Lisa asks…

Why isnt my world of warcraft addon button showing up?

I have addons in my interface and addon folder. And all the files are extracted so i know they are in there, but my addon button in game isnt showing up so i cant enable them, what do i need to do to make it show up?

dknol answers:

Try logging onto your character screen. On the bottom left corner there should be a button labeled “addons”. Click on it, then check to make sure your addon has a check mark next to it. Also go to the top of the addon screen and check “load out of date addons”

Hope this helps.

Laura asks…

How does Team Speak Work on World of Warcraft?

How exactly does team speak work when your playing world of warcraft?? is it another addon or is it just a program you minimize?? I just want to know about the system in general.

dknol answers:

It runs in the background. There is an addition to it that allows you to place a window in the wow interface that will show who is talking and allow you to control it from in game, but i use Ventrillo now so i forget what its called.

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