Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Addons

Richard asks…

What do I do now? [Addons World of warcraft]?

Ok i downaloaded a adddon off of and then i took the folder that i downloaded to addons in interfaces in the world of warcraft folder and then i extracted all. What do I do after that?
wth! i dont see a button in the left bottom corner in the select character screen

dknol answers:

After you put the addon in the addon folder, be sure to completely close WoW (you can do this before or after you put the addon in there). Then open wow back up and on your character screen, in the bottom left hand corner, you should have an “Add Ons” (or something like that) red button. Click it and it'll bring up a box. Make sure you check the boxes of the addons you want and it's also best to check the “load out of date addons” box at the top as well… Just in case they go out of date, they will still work.

Hope this helps. :)

Susan asks…

i have a problem when installing world of warcraft addons?

addon has been installed 100 percent correctly,

unzipped to C>Program files>world off warcraft>interface>addons

but still no addon tab has appeared on my log in screen

i have tried several trusted addons and none have worked.

i have never seen this addons tab appear on the log in screen

can anybody help?

remember the addons are in the right folder and are unzipped correctly

also i have tried deleting the interface and WTF folders and allowing WoW to recreate them

this didnt help at all =[

thanks – wedx13x

dknol answers:

Where are you looking for the “addons tab?”

When you first launch WoW, you'll get a login screen with the image of the Black Portal. No addon access here. Once you log in to your account, you'll got to the character screen for the last realm you were active on. In the lower left will be a red button, not tab, for accessing/configuring add-ons. From there you can enable/disable add-ons. Make sure to select the “load out of date add-ons” check box on the top right.

Why are you trying to access the add-ons screen? The add-ons that you've installed not working? What add-ons are they?

George asks…

must have world of warcraft addons?

im buying WoW tommorow and its been a year since i played last and i forgot alot of the must have addons for world of warcraft.

dknol answers:

When I played, ones I always had are.

One for auto selling grays
Deadly Boss Mods

Paul asks…

What are some really good addons for World of Warcraft?

I really need some good addons for my Disc priest :)
*I already have Carbonite, but it glitches sometimes.

Thankies! ^-^

dknol answers:

Some good addons are Carbonite, for quest assistance. Auctioneer for assistance on posting auctions and prices on stuff to see if its worth keeping for the AH or just vendoring, AtlasLoot lets you look up a link to any item in the game without having to see it personally or ask someone else for a link. Xperl is real good for customizing your target boxes and other windows. Theres also something named something like threatmeter or the likes and it measures yours and your partys DPS (damage per second). You can also find lots of class specific addons at . Its a very good site for addons and u can find all the ones ive mentioned there as well.

Robert asks…

Can some one give me a program so i can make addons for world of warcraft?

Can some one give me a program so i can make addons for world of warcraft?

dknol answers:


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