Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Addons

Charles asks…

I have this problem with world of warcraft addons?

When i log onto world of warcraft, the addons tab isnt there, i have extracted the addons into the correct folder (from what people have told me) and it still doesnt seem to work, i did what nate_15_99 did but it still doesnt seem to work…~!~!~!PLZ HELP!!!

dknol answers:

Delete your WTF folder
Delete your Interface folder
Load WoW, accept the terms
Select your server and log onto your main toon
Logoff the game
Go to your warcraft folder and the folders you have deleted will be recreated.
Open your addon zip file (for this example I will use fishing buddy addon)
You should have 2 windows open at this point (WoW Folder / Zip File)
In your WoW Folder go to Interface Folder then Addon Folder.
Highlight all of the files and folders inside the zip file and either drag and drop or copy and paste them into the Addon Folder.

Load WoW.
Enter your account information
at the bottom of your character selection screen there will now be an addon button. Click it
At the top right of the addons Screen there is a check box that says “load out of date addons” check it to on
Click accept on the bottom and load your character.

Inside the game you may need to use / commands to load your addon … For instance with fishing buddy you can click the icon on your minimap … Or you can type /fb config.

Hope this helps.
Kelder 70 Rogue – Jubei'Thos :)

James asks…

World of Warcraft AddOns: GHI is working on one character but not the other?

I got gryphonheart items a whilllleee back. I put several items on my two main characters, but for some reason one of the character's item's buffs do not work anymore. Is there a reason why?? (Checked AddOn info for that log in but that's not it.)

dknol answers:

Same problem for me. Works on my priest, but not on my rogue. No idea why.

Laura asks…

How do I add addons into World of Warcraft?

I save them in interface—>addons. What else do I need to do, open them?

dknol answers:

Heres a good few sites that show you how to install and use addons

The last one i pasted has a how to install an addon video on the bottom of the page.

Just make sure you get winzip. Make sure they are in the addons folder, and make sure after you put them in that you restart world of warcraft. Then you'll see the addons button when you get to the character selection screen.

David asks…

What are some of the useful world of warcraft addons?

dknol answers:

Well that will largely depend on what you want to do in WoW. For instance if you are a hardcore raider, the answer would be different than if all you do is PVP. Also there are quite a few class-specific addons that are good depending on your class.

But, there are quite a few that are almost essential to have for anyone.

ArkInventory, I like this one personally because it helps keep my inventory organized. I can setup filters to sort my gear and items into columns depending on what they are, etc. There are tons of features to it.

Auctioneer – Scans the auction house and keeps average prices for all of the items. Also shows how much things are worth to disenchant, vendor, etc. Incredibly useful and easy way to make money.

Autobar – Automatically sorts all of your consumables, trinkets, mounts, etc into a bar. If you pick up a new piece of food or potion it will automatically show up on your bar on your screen. Even assign hotkeys to the different categories.

AutoProfitX – Really great little add-on that allows you to automatically sell all your grey vendor trash items to a vendor with one button press. Saves tons of time hunting through your inventory. You'd be surprised how much that vendor trash is worth! After doing some daily quests in Outlands I'll usually have 10g – 15g just from selling vendor trash with this add-on. Http://

Bartender3 – Button replacement, allows all kinds of really powerful modifications to your interface bars. There are lots of other options in this category though, that is just my favorite one.

Cartographer – Incredibly useful map addon. Takes away all of the black stuff hiding the map, allows you to insert points, send points to friends, see where your guildmates are at all time if they have the mod installed, track herb/mining points, etc.

EquipCompare – Better interface for comparing items side-by-side.

Questhelper or Lightheaded – Pulls information about quests from the internet to tell you where to go, how to complete quests, what order to do them in, etc. Really great for leveling up.

Mobinfo2 – Keeps track of the health that each mob has, what it drops, how many more you need to kill to level, etc.

RatingBuster – Converts all those ratings and values into percentages and other easy to understand terms for your gear.

There are hundreds more that are useful but those are a few good ones that would help almost anyone.

Checkout the Addon Spotlight on WoWInsider for other good ones.

And of course be aware of the addon sites, they usually have “top rated” or “Most downloaded” sections that will give you a good start as well.

Lizzie asks…

world of warcraft installing? and what are addons?

hi, i am thinking of buying the game world of warcraft for pc, and installing it so i can play as a member. it sounds very very fun, and i am excited, but i have a bit of a problem. i need to know if installing it is simple enough, or very complicated because i dont want to buy the disk for nothing, and have no idea what to do with it. can someone please take the time to explain the process of explaining how to install it *not with the expansion pack, just plain world of warcraft*. it would be much appreciated. lastly, what in the world are addons, because when i look up videos of installing world of warcraft, it says, *installing world of warcraft addons, or with addons*, and i have no idea what that means, i just need this help because i hear very good things about this game, and want to see what the big deal is. PS. if u want too, u can leave behind some info on what race i should become, if i should be in horde or alliance, and if i should be a mage,warrior,rouge,priest,or whatever
o ya, and another thing guys, i tried the free trial too many times or something i guess, and i kept on making accounts so now it says that i have created the max amount of accounts. problem is, i dont remember any of them at all!
is there any way i can undo this problem and somehow make somemore accounts. plzzzzzzzz help this is the biggest problem of all! give me as much info on this 1 as u can. ty soooo very much

dknol answers:

Addons are tiny programs that are optional. They are not created by Blizzard and they typically help you manage some aspect of playing the game. An example of an addon would be a program that would make the border of your screen flash red when you are low on life. You don't need addons to play and I don't recommend using them until you are comfortable with the regular game. Happy questing!

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