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Lizzie asks…

How long will all the patches for world of warcraft take?

I've been trying to download all the patches for world of warcraft and it's been taking forever how long should it all take?

dknol answers:

One time I ended up uninstalled WoW because I had to reformat my computer (Because it was running slow and there were games my brother installed that I needed a CD to take off. And he lost the CDs)

So I had to go back and reinstall. After I got all the expansions on, the patches too quite awhile. I started the patching about 8 at night and I went to bed and woke up and they were done. So generally it depends on how fast your computer and internet connection is. So it takes a couple hours. Just be patient.

If its just a normal “patch day” it may say that your firewall is blocking it or that there is an error and it will give you a costumer service website.

I hope this helps!

John asks…

In World of Warcraft why am I constantly falling behind my teammates in exp?

I play World of Warcraft with my two friends. I am a priest and my friends play a Warrior and a Shaman. We always do the same quests together with the exception of the class specific or profession quests. Taking that into account, I always seem to end up slightly behind them in experience. It has happened at least 4 times w/o any obvious reason. Are healers rewarded less experience or something?

dknol answers:

Alot of things could be the cause of this.. Your level vs theirs and the levels of the mobs you fight, Shamans get quite a few class specific quests that accumulate about a full level of exp and warrior get a couple as well.. It is difficult for a group to stay at the same exp levels ive tried it with my firend many times and one of us always ends up falling behind but we usually just waited while the other caught up and continued.

I hope this was of some help to you

Carol asks…

How can i play world of warcraft on my friends computer without installing the game?

I have just installed world of warcraft at my place.
But i want to play at a different pc when im away from home.
Is there any way of just downloading the wow game launcher and logging in from there?
Sweet, cheers guys.
I think a large external hard drive would be a smart idea.

dknol answers:

You have to install the game onto the computer you want to play on unfortunately. There are some remote access programs out there but sadly they don't perform well enough (especially over the internet) for that to be a viable option until the technology improves more.

The closest thing to what you're wanting to do would be to copy your entire WoW directory onto a sufficiently large flash drive (16gb+) or external hard drive and just plug it into your friends computer when you're wanting to play. I've done that in the past. If you take the flash drive option keep in mind it could be slow with loading times depending on how fast it is.

Your best option is just to install it on all computers that you think you might play on, and it'll be there when you need it :)

Good luck!

Laura asks…

What continents are in World of Warcraft? Will they be familiar to fans of the Warcraft RTS series?

What continents are in World of Warcraft? Will they be familiar to fans of the Warcraft RTS series?

dknol answers:

Currently, players will be able to explore the lands of Azeroth, Khaz Modan, Lordaeron, and the newly discovered lands of Kalimdor. Players familiar with the Warcraft series will find that we have depicted nearly every location from the Warcraft universe in World of Warcraft.
Http:// is the relevant professional for world of warcraft

Ken asks…

on world of warcraft is there any good raiding guilds on caelestrasz that raids at 6pm server time?

Been playing world of warcraft for awhile, got some good gear but cant stay up late, so looking for a guild that fits.

dknol answers:

Contact me via msn
you will get what you want

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