Your Questions About World Of Warcraft

Laura asks…

How to block World of Warcraft?

I have a teen who doesn't listen when told not to play and would like to block it from the computer she uses. I tried blocking through host file, doesn't work.

dknol answers:

Parental controls should work. I haven't ever messed with them, but you can set up how much (or little) time it can be accessed, as well as what time frame. If all else fails, you can have it only available at times she is either asleep or not at home.

If you are her parent, try being a little firmer in your disciplining of her about doing things you've told her not to. And no, I don't mean “rawr, beat her till she's asleep!”, but when you say something, mean it and follow through with the punishment you've laid out. Teenagers learn eventually that you're the boss, but only if you act like it. :)

Richard asks…

Can you play World of Warcraft without subscription?

I want to buy one time World of Warcraft license.
Do I need to buy pre-paid time cards like this one –
to keep playing it?

dknol answers:

Not legally, but there are many illegal online groups that provide free pirated downloads to the game and free servers to play on. These servers are very laggy and disconnect frequently. If you want a lag-free gaming experience, you will have to pay for initial copy of World of Warcraft and then the monthly subscription fees for as long as you want to play. Just in case you want to take the free and illegal route, check out this website that lists 100 free private and illegal wow downloads/servers: All I had to do was google free wow, its amazing how easy it is to find pirated content on the internet.

Betty asks…

How to become powerful in world of warcraft world?

How to become powerful in world of warcraft world?

dknol answers:

Mate the best thing to do is get to 85 as quick as you can and then get into as many 5 mans as you can find. Become really familiar with the way your class works to benefit the party the most. If you really know the ins and outs of your class you can quickly become a true asset to any raiding party. Next step is to get into a decent guild that is running the end game dungeons, here is where you will gain the most experience as well as be rewarded with some nice loot. But the first step is to get to lvl 85 as quickly as possible, dont get hung up on trying to make your gear pimped out while leveling as you will soon out grow the items which can mean a lot of wasted gold. If you are trying to get to 85 the quickest way possible take a look at

William asks…

Why is world of warcraft taking so long to install?

I just got a brand new dell inspirion laptop so I decided to play world of warcraft again. I've been downloading to the game client off of the website for almost 14 hours now and its still at 8 percent. What is wrong? My friends have also recently downloaded world of warcraft and it only took them 2 hours. Like really, I haven't even hit the patches yet this is just the game. Can someone please tell me a way to make this game install faster?

dknol answers:

Make sure your have P2P enabled, the WoW client uses P2P to download and if you have it disabled in windows or in the WoW client then it will only download from the blizzard server.

Also check here — Blizzards slow download speed page

Joseph asks…

How can i make gold in world of warcraft?

I have a level 80 shaman in world of warcraft but he is poor : /
Anyone have any suggestions on how to make gold?

dknol answers:

You canmake gold with blacksmithing ,for more tips you can go here

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