Your Questions About World Of Warcraft

George asks…

How to quit world of warcraft for good?

I am having withdrawal symptoms from world of warcraft which I recently quit two months ago. I am trying to find something to replace it but nothing seems as entertaining. Things like guitar, reading, tennis, golf, art, chess, bike riding, snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, jet-skiing, surfing, bowling just dont compare to being a wizard and exploring impossible worlds. I do all of these hobbies I listed, but now I am less satisfied than when I was playing world of warcraft. Are there any hobbies at all that are more fun than world of warcraft?

dknol answers:

There really isnt much else you can do besides that. It's a game. Those things are all real, and most are actually pretty cool. If riding a wave or playing a nasty riff isn't better than WoW than i dont know what to tell you. Do a lot of social stuff, go out with friends.

Helen asks…

What are the world of warcraft expansions what do they do?

I got my son World Of Warcraft its a battle chest? but it has 2 games world of warcraft and an expansion called the burning crusaide. and he said he wants to get the lich king expansion also.. what do these expansions do? and are they different games or does it jsut add stuff to the original game like new places to go and stuff?

dknol answers:

Ok, World of warcraft itself allows your son to level up to 60 and explore a somewhat good amount of area. The Burning Crusade is an expansion set which allows him to go up to level 70 and explore and do even more stuff. For the Lich King it would enable him to level up to 80 thus giving him more places to go like the other one. FIrst, ask him if he has reached level 68(he will know what that means) if he hasn't i would suggest waiting until he does to but the Wrath of the Lich King. Whatever you do, I'm sure your son will be enjoying his new game.

Nancy asks…

How do I start world of warcraft after making my account?

i just made a world of warcraft account and I dont know how to log in to the actual game. Can anyone help?

dknol answers:

Yeah, its not a free game or down loadable from the internet. You have to buy the box from a store. Make sure you get the one that comes with the expansion pack the Burning Crusades. Install both games. Just follow the instructions, its easy. After installing you'll see a big W in a circle with the words “world of warcraft” under it. Double click on that, you'll probably get a patcher though. So I'm not sure how long patching will take. After all that you should get a big game screen with a green portal like thing in the middle if you got the expansion. Type in your account name and password et voila! You should be ready to explore the World of Warcraft!

Susan asks…

How do I start World of Warcraft: Cataclysm without having an internet connection?

Every time I try to run it I get an error, I'm gonna travel and I whenever I feel bored I wanna run a private server on my computer and play it. So, how do I run World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (4.0.6) without internet?

Edit: Is there anyway to edit some of its files?

dknol answers:

You can't. Plain and simple.

Even the private servers are online, so asking how you can play offline is like….dumb.

Mark asks…

How can I change my World of Warcraft paying method to using a game card as opposed to credit card?

I'm using the $15 monthly plan, but my mom doesn't want World of Warcraft on her card anymore. How do I stop it from being charged and change the paying method to using a game card purchased at Walmart or Target?

dknol answers:

Log into your World of Warcraft account at and just click payment methods and register the card, it will count towards the next month, and you can cancel the card from there.

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