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Michael asks…

Do you need to have the Original World of warcraft installed before getting wrath of lich king?

Do you need to have the original world of warcraft before getting lich kings. And also does wrath of the lich king have burning crusade in it as well? Or do i need to it as well.

dknol answers:

Yes, you will need

1. Original World of Warcraft

2. Burning Crusade (BC)

THEN you can get Lich King (WOTLK).

With that said you don't need BC until you hit level 60 unless you want to create a Draenei or Blood Elf or pick up the jewelcrafting profession.

Also keep in mind Draenei have the only Alliance Shaman and Blood Elves have the only Horde Paladin.

In the end, you don't need Lich King until level 68 unless you plan on rolling a Death Knight. In which case you need to get one character to level 55.

For a new player this could take months so if you've never played before and have no high level characters you have absolutely no need to buy Lich King.

If you check out Best Buy and Walmart they sell the World of Warcraft “Battle Chest” which has the original WoW bundled with Burning Crusade for $40. This saves you $10 from buying them separately.

I recommend getting the original and BC. That'll keep you busy for at least a few months if not more.

Mary asks…

How do I play on a private server on World of Warcraft?

I have installed world of warcraft on my computer and I need to patch it to 3.3.5 to play. I already have the realmslist changed, I just need to patch it but i have no idea how to do this.

dknol answers:

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Maria asks…

How do I transfer World of Warcraft data from one computer to the next?

My girlfriend and I recently split up and she's taking the computer. I have a world of warcraft account and I'm wondering if I can transfer it from the old computer to the one that I'll be buying? Thank you for any help.

dknol answers:

You can play your World of Warcraft account from any computer, as long as it has the game installed. To play WoW on your new computer, just go to and login. There should be a link that says “Download Game Client” under Free Services. From there it's easy, just download, install, and play!

Mandy asks…

How do I find the screenshots I take on World Of Warcraft?

I take the screenshot, and when i go to the world of warcraft folder i do not have a screenshot folder and they do not show up in any other folder under world of warcraft. I tried paste on like paint or another program and the picture doesnt show up, its just a picture of my desktop. I have windows 7.

dknol answers:

First, you might be looking at a different World of Warcraft folder. The “Screenshots” folder is found in the same World of Warcraft folder as the “Cache”, “Patches” and “Interface” folders.

If it's not there, then just create a new one and then try to see if your screenshots will be saved there. If not, then maybe your game is storing it somewhere else.

Try running a search on your computer for a Screenshots folder, and you'll most probably find it.

Linda asks…

What is the game World of Warcraft at stores?

I wanted to buy a World of Warcraft game at WalMart, but I don't know if you have to subscribe or if you need Internet to play or what. I used to play this Warcraft game where you don't need to go online to play or anything. You go to be a night elf, ork, human, or undead. You could build farms and stuff and then go kill your enemies or go with allies. Is that one at the store the same one? Thanks.

dknol answers:

Same characters, same places, differant concept entirely

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG, or mass multiplayer online role playing game. You create your character, and do quests, run instances, level the character, their professions, interact with other players, all sorts of stuff. So its on line, and yes, you have to subscribe to it. Its $15 a month to play.

In my opinion its totally worth it. My fiance and i both play and that $30 a month for two subscriptions is cheaper than one night out at a bar or a resturant or something.

Its a really cool game with LOADS of stuff to do, there is something new to try every time you play pretty much. Its awsome

and i KNOW someone is going to say “dont play it it is addictive and it ruins your social life”. It does not. It absolutly does not. The people who get addicted are the ones who have personalities that are easily addicted to things. They ruined their own lives playing it, WoW didnt ruin it for them. If they hadnt gotten addicted to WoW they would have just gotten addicted to something else instead

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