Your Questions About World Of Warcraft

Richard asks…

How do i backup world of warcraft to a external hardrive?

How do i backup world of warcraft to a external hard drive, because my computer is getting fixed and all data is being cleared, just so i can put it on after i get it back any help?

dknol answers:

Yes, you can! All you have to do is copy your World of Warcraft folder(where all the game files are contained)to your external hard drive, have your computer fixed, and when you get it back copy and paste from the external hard drive to your pc and it will work just the same. Plug and play!

Ken asks…

How to get started for World of Warcraft?

I am planning to buy World of Warcraft. I know there are several expansions for WoW. So after i get the original, should i all other expansion packs?

dknol answers:

Start out with the original and if you like it then go for the expansion packs.

William asks…

Does the World of Warcraft package come with a 30-day free subscription?

I'm planning on buying World of Warcraft and abusing life to the limits. I was wondering if it comes with a 30-day free subscription. Answer and i'll pick the best answer and you earn 10 points!

dknol answers:

The original game has a 30 day free trail. So if you buy a box set with the expacs and the original you still get that free game card.


Donna asks…

What is the difference between World of Warcraft and Warcraft?

I think World of Warcraft is a online game but Warcraft is a one player game. Is it true?

dknol answers:

World of Warcraft is an online role playing game. It has you controlling one character at a time, and you focus on making that character better over a long span of time. You also work with other real players to achieve goals, and make your character better.

“Regular” Warcraft is an RTS which stands for “real time strategy.” For this, you command a group of units, or even a small army.
Warcraft III had/has a large online following (but it can be played alone too, for storyline mode), but it’s not where you use the same character over and over trying to improve him/her. It’s more like you start with a small group and build a brand new army, then use that army to defeat your online enemies. The entire battle lasts for a few hours.

The story line is the same for both, but at different times. For example, the chronology is Warcraft, Warcraft II, Warcraft III, then World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft starts a few years (4, I think) after Warcraft III ended.

Helen asks…

What should i download to play world of warcraft private servers?

Okay so i wanna play world of warcraft WOTLK private servers but i dont know what to download in order to play. What files should i download before i download the patch?

dknol answers:

Being able to do more than characters playing on the LEGAL realms may sound like fun, but it gets boring really fast. Also, having everything won't mean anything because everybody else on the realm will have everything too. Also, it's illegal. Not according to Blizzard's rules, but according to the actual government's laws. You don't want to play on a private server. Blizzard is actually suing people who host private servers and winning.

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