Your Questions About Work Online Jobs

Carol asks…

Which work online jobs are not scams, and charge no joining fee? ?

Is it true that some online jobs are real and really pay? And dont charge u anything to start? I have been looking for an online job for a few months now, but they call want me to pay a one time fee to start! Its stupid i need a job to make money. Someone please help me!

dknol answers:

There aren't any. Zero.
Nobody hires random inexperienced strangers off the Internet to do things at home.

Ruth asks…

are there any real online work at home jobs?

i am putting my two weeks notice in at my current job, and i dont have enough saved, for a car yet, so i need a job that is in walking distance, well the silly part is that there inst any jobs in walking distance besides the one i already have, so i was curious to see where i could find a legitimate work at home job online, i need one desperately!

dknol answers:

I'm a full time college student and use to find legit jobs online to do. They have all sorts of different sites you can check out and they are all scam-free.

Robert asks…

Are there any work at home/online jobs that are not just scams?

I checked out some of these “fill out surveys and get paid $$ and earn an income while working from your computer at home” things and found that all of them seemed to just be scams to get you to either pay them to get into a membership or buy some company's product. Does anyone know of any work at home online jobs that are actually legitimate? Other than selling stuff on eBay?

dknol answers:

NO. You will have to be very creative to find a way to make money at home.

Maria asks…

what are some good online jobs i can work at from home?

i'm a stupid college student with a part time job(see, we all aren't lazy,lol) but i really want to save up and buy a used car within the next year because i'm getting tired of hitching rides. now that you know my life story, anyone know of any legit online work that i can do for some extra money while at home in my piggy bank that does not involve taking my clothes off for a web cam, lol.

dknol answers:

One of the first things I would recommend that you do is start thinking about your interests/passions… And go into an internet business that is based on that. Why? Because it makes the work a lot easier.

Answering the following questions should help you develop ideas:

1) what websites do you visit when you're just surfing online?
2) do you have pets?
3) do you play and sports?
4) do you collect anythings?
5) do you have any specialized education?

See what I mean….

After that,you've got to decide the business model that you want to use – do you want to develop you own product or do you want to be an affiliate marketer (market other peoples products)?

Then you've got to learn basic skills such as building and uploading websites, setting up autoresponders, setting up a merchant account to take orders, etc.

And then, probably the most important part… You have got to learn how to market you business. If your interested in starting up your own internet business, then I would like to recommend either one of the following great resources:

if you don't have much experience with computers and the Internet –

If you have good experience with computers and the Internet –

Be sure to check out the money back guarantees …you simply cannot loose. They can offer such guarantees because of their success rate…

If your interested in affiliate marketing (marketing other people's products/services) then you'll want grab a copy of this book –

If your interested in joining an existing internet business, then I would recommend SFI Marketing Group ( I would recommend that you join this opportunity either way because 1) its Free and 2) you'll learn a lot through their training.

Anyways, I hope this helps… And I wish you much success.

For more information, you can try out the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs –

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know of any legitimate work at home or online jobs?

Does anyone have any experience working online or at home for a legit company that pays you properly and basically isnt a scam? Grateful of any info thanks.

dknol answers:

All online jobs are a scam and any sites asking you to pay to join to make money are scams. However it is possible to make money online without spending any money. It won't make you rich and it is not a job, but generally the more you do online and the more time you spend online the more you can make.

The main way many people make money online is through their own website or webpages. Of course, if you've no clue how to make a website that is not the best option, but there are still other options based on that. The first is to sell online. Ebay is one option. The other is to use a site where you can get paid for writing content such as articles or reviews. One great site for this is Squidoo which is really easy to use. Check out my links below for help on ebay and Squidoo.

Help on ebay:
Getting started on Squidoo:

The next option is to write reviews online. For this Ciao and Dooyoo are very useful sites. You can write one review, place it on both sites and get paid for it. You can write reviews on pretty much anything you can think of; DVDs, games, music, clothes, websites, shops and more.

For more info: and

Another good way to make a bit of extra cash is through surveys. The surveys are free to do and range from watching a short video clip, to registering on a site, to completing a survey on a certain topic. There are plenty of easy surveys to do that don't require giving out a lot of personal details (if that's something that worries you).

For more info:
My proof that it works:

As well as surveys there is also another site that gives you cash (or items) simply for using their google powered search engine. You can also play games, watch videos and complete the dailies (e.g. Answering a poll) and get paid for it.

For more info:

All these sites are 100% free to join and use! Some even give you a bonus just for joining. How they work is by advertisers paying them for advertising their product/services and the sites all give a percentage of that money to you.

There are of course many other websites; some good and some scams. So to make sure you don't get scammed check out the this site,

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