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Susan asks…

What are some online jobs or careers that you can start at home and work from home without going to an office

I would like to know what are some of the online jobs that you can start at home and work from home? I am looking into a certification program with a medical billing and coding program, but I would like to know if I could start the career from home and continue it from there.

dknol answers:

I have found that there is a really good website that offers many work at home jobs to pick one. Here is the site, enjoy!

Robert asks…

What is the best way to work online and find a good online job?

I am interested in online jobs as they are very flexible to set time. So if you have any good experience with a real one please help me. I don't want some jobs with hard working like reading emails or answering call phones.

dknol answers:

It's a general question and there are many type of it. Six months before, i tried to make money online by answering questions, these type of programs don't work so much for you as a salary is not enough and around $4 per hour. But now I use online advertising programs and their income are much better. A good example for such programs is and probably they are the best because they also provide many ad senders.

Lizzie asks…

How can we be benefited by doing the online jobs provided by mini freelance?
This site offers the different types of online jobs to the people who have the computer skills.

dknol answers:

By providing us with different type of online jobs.

Donna asks…

What are some online jobs for teens that you could earn money from daily?

I want an online job thats not a scam you can get money daily from whatever you do and that is easy?

dknol answers:

Some online jobs really depend on your age. If you are at least 16 years of age, the you could work for U-haul in their E-sales & Reservations department. If you are under 16 years old then I would recommend:

~Taking Online Surveys for Mindfield Online or Opinion Outpost
~ Selling on Ebay
~ Offering creative services on Fiverr
~ Creating a website and monetizing it with google adsense
~ Start an online consignment shop selling used clothes/ electronics

Laura asks…

What are the best online jobs available in world wide web?

I ask this questions because it seems that there are plenty of online job posted in different websites but when you click a link provided it would take you to a different topic. I want to know what the genuine online jobs to help people who are seriously considering online jobs or working from home. It will help people who can not travel daily to report to work, so if anyone knows, please post. Thank you.

dknol answers:

A lot of people make money with bum marketing, it is free to do you will need to learn how to do it and it isn't for every one as you will need to write articles and promote products. If interested just search for bum marketing method by travis sago he will teach you every thing you need to know for free.
You can make some good money if you like writing, or you can out source it cheap. It is really easy once you get the hang of it

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