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Lizzie asks…

How can i apply online jobs and make fast money online?

I heard people make money from online jobs and the jobs are not so difficult for e.g. filling surveys, doing simple things, refer people, visiting sites etc but all of these jobs are only paid a penny or two for each completed jobs. But what i'm looking for is online jobs which can make fast money online. Are there any possible ways to get this money making jobs automatically fast ?

dknol answers:

No, there are no possible ways to get this money making jobs automatically fast except when dreaming.

William asks…

Can any of the users suggest decent/scam free online job providing company ?

I am a retired person from a Corporate. I want to do some online jobs like data entry, ad posting etc. On search of these jobs I lost some amount. Hence I request our Yahoo users to suggest me some fair deal Company who are providing the online jobs.

dknol answers:

Hi there sudalaimuthu!
Legitimate Online work are rare to find these days, especially that we are persistently overwhelmed by several online job messages and promotions that are not able to give what they deliver. But every job has its pros and cons you just need to be careful on those promises before you get involved. Make sure you do a research first and check the company's references, especially the past employees or feedback and make sure to ask for the job details to avoid misunderstandings and waste time. Just don’t get too hopeful in the beginning since you’ll be starting from scratch. It’s unlikely you’ll earn a lot immediately as some sites would have you believe. It’s just patience and determination that’ll get you going with online jobs and you can absolutely start anywhere.

Here are some websites you can try and as far as I know these are legit ones:

As well as these websites can provide you some extra cash:

I hope you'll find what you need soon. Good luck on your job hunting!

Steven asks…

What kind of online jobs in Punjab I can access?

Hello, I live in Punjab and do not want to go anywhere for online jobs. I need an agency or company that can provide me 100 percent online jobs in Punjab as I have to work and earn at the same time in home. I am getting married and i need a decent online job by which I can earn good income monthly. I have worked in company but now want to work right from the home. Any decent suggestions would be appreciated.

dknol answers:

We Punjabis do not have good knowledge of Internet jobs and that is why we waste huge amount time in just searching for right online jobs. Recently, I found a new webmaster from Punjab who provide online jobs in Punjab. Just like you, I was searching with a keyword, Online Jobs in Punjab and I found a company called New Web Solutions at third position. I called up the website man and he really satisfies me with all my queries. You know what, he arranged a social media job for me and now I am working with the comfort of my home. The company also provided me free pdf books on the categories such as Google AdSense, SEO and Content Writing. You can try this website to know some unique alternatives. Tke care

Sharon asks…

What are some legitament online jobs for a stay at home mommy?

I'm looking for online jobs, I live in a rural area and jobs are hard to come by.. I take care of a 4 year old all day and i've got a little one on the way.. Online work seems to be the best option for me but, where do I find a legit job; scams are easy to come by.. Please help!! Thanks

dknol answers:

Ok here's a little write up.
If you are looking at one of the endless “opportunities” out there be careful – most are scams. Here are a few questions you
should ask to help figure out if the one you are looking at is for real or not.

Legitimate work-at-home program should tell you – in writing – what's involved in the program they are selling. Here are some

questions you might ask:

* What tasks will I have to perform? (Ask the program to list every step of the job.)
* Will I be paid a salary or will my pay be based on commission?
* Who will pay me?
* When will I get my first paycheck?
* What is the total cost of the work-at-home program, including supplies, equipment and membership fees?
* What will I get for my money??..

George asks…

Im affected by the recent recession, can some one suggest me for a online job which is not fake?

Most of the online jobs turn to be fake or need some investments, need suggestion to choose the right one.

dknol answers:

This suggestion sure will help you.And it is recession proof.
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