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Betty asks…

Are the work at home, online jobs genuine? Is there anyone here who has done any online work from home stuff?

dknol answers:

I've setup a website which describes the best methods to find a real work from home job. I only include links to genuine websites for data entry and work at home jobs.

If you need any more help please send me a private message on yahoo.


Others I've found which have been very useful: (Data entry and home office type jobs) (mainly IT and Admin jobs)

John asks…

Are there any websites that hire people to do contract work for online jobs like design and coding?

I use to do some contract work but are there are sites that are similar to this that hire people to do specific jobs to design or code something?

dknol answers:

Yes, I use

Charles asks…

Are there any valid work from home online jobs?

I am looking to make a little extra cash. I have been looking for jobs online, but most want you to pay a fee and basically just a scam. Does anyone have any experience with online jobs that can point me in the right direction?

dknol answers:

All online jobs are a scam and any sites asking you to pay to join to make money are scams. However it is possible to make money online without spending any money. It won't make you rich and it is not a job, but generally the more you do online and the more time you spend online the more you can make.

The main way many people make money online is through their own website or webpages. Of course, if you've no clue how to make a website that is not the best option, but there are still other options based on that. The first is to sell online. Ebay is one option. The other is to use a site where you can get paid for writing content such as articles or reviews. One great site for this is Squidoo which is really easy to use. Check out my links below for help on ebay and Squidoo.

Help on ebay:
Getting started on Squidoo:

The next option is to write reviews online. For this Ciao and Dooyoo are very useful sites. You can write one review, place it on both sites and get paid for it. You can write reviews on pretty much anything you can think of; DVDs, games, music, clothes, websites, shops and more.

For more info: and

Another good way to make a bit of extra cash is through surveys. The surveys are free to do and range from watching a short video clip, to registering on a site, to completing a survey on a certain topic. There are plenty of easy surveys to do that don't require giving out a lot of personal details (if that's something that worries you).

For more info:
My proof that it works:

As well as surveys there is also another site that gives you cash (or items) simply for using their google powered search engine. You can also play games, watch videos and complete the dailies (e.g. Answering a poll) and get paid for it.

For more info:

All these sites are 100% free to join and use! Some even give you a bonus just for joining. How they work is by advertisers paying them for advertising their product/services and the sites all give a percentage of that money to you.

There are of course many other websites; some good and some scams. So to make sure you don't get scammed check out the this site,

Richard asks…

What is the most reliable work at home jobs online, im confused which of them are really true?

Pls. tell me honestly which home based job online are really working because im really intersted in working at home online

dknol answers:

You can get an online job without spending any fee as

Home based customer service agent
Medical transcriptionist

You can get links of online companies hiring online workers at

Linda asks…

Are there any legitimate online jobs or work from home jobs?

I'm even willing to pay (a little) if I have to. But it has to be legitimate…not fake. I live in an area where the job market is suffering awful. In my town, the unemployment rate is a little over 10% and I can't find anything. I didn't want to do this, but my wife has talked me into it. I need to look for something online. Anything would help, and your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

dknol answers:

There are many legitimate online job opportunities but key to finding a genuine job is to do a little research on a company. You can research these companies by reading reviews and or checking the Better Business Bureau website to see if the company is accredited. Some companies that offer online employment is Tutorvista (Online Tutors), (Customer Service), Alpine Access (, Apple (At home Agent), and West at Home . These companies (with the exception of tutorvista) offer employment benefits as well.

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