Your Questions About Work Online Jobs

Richard asks…

Which websites offer legitimate work-at-home online jobs?

I am looking for a legitimate work-at-home online job.
I searched the internet and came across a lot of programs,but I don't know which ones are legitimate.

If anyone of you has used such programs or you have the correct info then please help…..

dknol answers:

One reason there are so many scams in the work at home industry is that people are desperate and gullible to believing they can just quit their jobs and stay home to make fortunes. Wasn't the dot com bust an indication that people have to really work hard to make money? Sure there are surveys that will legitimately pay a buck here or there but you cannot survive on that… Mostly they are paying for your email address and other personal information to market you as a sucker for online scams. You have skills and experiences to offer so why offer them working for someone else??? Get yourself a business license and develop a business using your own passions. Once you've done that, your next question will be “where can I hire good people to work from home?” working for YOU.

Sandra asks…

What are some good online/work-at-home jobs?

I'm looking for some online or work at home job opportunities. I'm not looking for a spectacular amount of money, just a little supplementary income, and I hope to avoid the glut of scams that seems to dominate the internet job market. I've heard there are some worthwhile data entry jobs out there. In your experience, what are some of the places I should check out or apply to?

dknol answers:

NO, They are all scams and spams.. Its better to stay away…

Lisa asks…

Online jobs: work online in front of the pc?

Hi I'm looking for a possible side line job online

I can communicate very well in American English so I'm planning on applying as a tutor, I would like to work online and not be required to work in an office since I'm still in college.

can anyone recommend me a good site to apply?

I can also be a typesetter or transcriptionist but all must be a job online. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

dknol answers:

If you can communicate very well in American English so I would like to suggest you yo work online in JSS TRIPLER . THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Mary asks…

Information on work at home online jobs?

I want to stay at home with my kids. What are some legitimate online work at home jobs out there? I see a lot that you have to pay out before you can even start. Can someone help me out that has actually been there, done that?

dknol answers:

Silly goose:
Anything online to make money is 100% scam.
You will see nothing but scams out there.
Funny how people are so naive and gullible and fall for them.

Thomas asks…

anyone know if there are good legit work online home jobs?

There are so many out there I dont feel like getting scamed. I have seen some that ask for your money so that you can work online. Any of you know any good ones that wont scam you?

dknol answers:

They're all scams.

Anyone charging you money to get a job is going to steal your money and there won't be a viable job.

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