Your Questions About Work Online From Home

Linda asks…

Does anyone know of a legit online work from home job? I'm injured and on crutches unable to work right now.?

Have a baby on the way and really need of income. Would like to earn money online from home. Been injured since August 10th of last year.

dknol answers:

One of the growing work at home businesses is the virtual call center.

Read this MSNBC's article on this industry

AOL also published an article about virtual call centers, and named it as one of the best work at home jobs

Some companies where you can apply

Alpine Access = no fees and you will be considered as an employee, not as an independent contractor

LiveOps = considers agents as independent contractors; no upfront fee but requires applicants to pay for the background check

Of course, you can also choose to start your own business from home. It will depend on what you can do, what suits you and what could fit in your resources. Some examples

Best Businesses Using Craft or Physical Skills
– antique restoration
– auto detail service
– carpet cleaning business
– errand/delivery service
– housecleaning business

Best Service Businesses
– bed and breakfast operator
– caregiver
– catering service
– senior day care center
– tutoring service

Best Professional Businesses
– desktop publisher
– magazine writer
– import/export service
– income tax preparation service
– event planner

John asks…

I am trying to find a way to work from home, online, without having to invest money. Suggestions?

Most of the so-called online opportunities I have found require investing quite a bit of money up front. I have none to invest. And, in these days of high gas prices, it just makes sense to try to work from home. I would like some suggestions of legitimate work from home jobs, if anybody has any. Thanks a bunch!!
I am not looking to start a business, make billions of dollars a week, or launder money. Just a reasonable income for a reasonable amount of work.

dknol answers:

Try CashCrate!! They are easy to make money with, and you get a percentage of whatever your refferals make, this means you KEEP making money off them. And, if your refferals make over 10$ (which is really easy), then you get $3.00 just for that……AWESOME!

Try it out – http://c a s h c r a t

(delete the spaces)

you won't regret it!

Lisa asks…

how can i find a legitimate online work from home job?

i live in north conway, nh and would like to do online research or shopping working from home for a legitimate company…full time work,

dknol answers:

I take online surveys, I have been doing it for about 8 months and like it.
I normally avg $2-5 a survey that normally take less than 10 minutes a piece. I signed up for about 15 different survey companies so I always have a couple to choose from everyday. I like doing them because sometimes they offer product tests that you get to keep and pay you for testing them. Also the surveys sometimes lead to focus groups which pay a lot more. I just did one for exercise equipment for $300 and it only took a couple of hours. Those are rare but a nice bonus normally a focus group pays about $75 an hour online. I have only done 4 since I started so don't expect to many of those. Http:// is the site I signed up for all of my surveys its all free and everyplace on there has paid me multiple times and I never get any spam.

Jenny asks…

I like to work from home online, any suggestions from personal experience. please help!!!?

I have 3 kids they are all under 16 and I am working fulltime. i am looking to do some work online and get paid, any one out there getting paid and willing to share their secret.

dknol answers:

You have to be VERY careful! If you are looking to make a little bit of extra cash on the side and have time on your hands try cashcrate!
It gets lots of great reviews and you can google it…no one claims its a scam, because it isn't! I've gotten paid and I'm happy I didn't waste my time on a scam site again [i've been scammed far too many times with Awsurveys and Panda research]!
Don't sign up with any site that makes you pay to join! That is definitely a way to tell a scam artist! Also, google the name of the site you want to sign up with with the word scam next to it to see if it has been claimed to scam people!

so sign up here:

you've got nothing to lose! You can quit after a while if you want! I suggest you get a gmail account to sign up with because you may be hit with a lot of spam mail (no viruses and such just annoying advertisers lol)
i'm 16 by the way…so if i can do it, so can you =]
no personal information required [credit card, bank account, social security]
pays with Paypal or Check [i suggest paypal because it pays faster]

best of luck to you and whatever you want to do?

Steven asks…

Anyone know how you can really work from online at home?

I just had a baby, my husband just got laid off i had a c section on on bed rest 8 weeks this will be her 1st xmas an even though she is small would like it to be special so i need to know where i can work from home online without it being a scam!! thanks!!

dknol answers:

If you have a baby you would be good to babysit for other people who just had a baby!

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