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William asks…

Is there a REAL website to work online from home?

It's been so hard finding a job these day's, and I've been wondering about trying to find out about these “work online from home” sites like filling out stuff, but not completely sure. Like, how would I know if it's really a scam or if it's the real deal? And which sites should I look into?

dknol answers:

I have seen some scare statistics regarding the percentage of online job offers that are some kind of scams, take care, don't pay for work, not even $1.

The survey sites for the most part require you to participate in product trials, the quiz operators and product merchants expect to profit from your participation in the long run. Stuffing envelops, still offered online occasionally is a scam older than the internet.

The work at home for Google sort of fake new advertisements pages about a mom making some $6000 a month “posting links” is mostly BS, re-billing your credit card for some $80 after you first pay a minimal shipping fee for ‘free' info. Google sued about 50 sites using this style ad a while ago, they have taken the Google text out but still shows their picture (just saw an ad with a token blurring applied to the Google images)

Some make money selling products directly or affiliate marketing others', after a lengthy trial and error learning process, a significant number fail to profit but don't lose anything like someone starting a brick and mortar retail business.

There may be more straight forward ways to earn money online, have a look at the job lists on freelance marketplace sites like and, many web site operators use these sites to pick up assistance, you can earn about $5 for writing a 450 word article for a web site, while there is worldwide competition, a native English writer has a big advantage. Workers sign up for free, you end up working for various different 'employers' so the experience can vary, at worst getting occasionally scammed out of your time rather than money.

There are also micro task sites that pay small change for a few minutes work, popular with 3rd world countries, some in the U.S. Do them instead of crossword puzzles, the original was created by Amazon, the online store to ‘automate' tasks a computer couldn't do, like pick the better of 2 pictures they named after the 18th century Mechanical Turk chess playing machine that had a man hidden inside. ShortTask and microworkers have similar micro tasks, some individual jobs are a bit shady, like signing up for product trials, doing surveys, clicking ads you shouldn't, but you get to choose which tasks to perform

Mandy asks…

What is the minimum age you have to be to work online from home?

I want to work from home and get paid, but I want to make sure I am old enough. Any answers would help, thanks! :)

dknol answers:


You must be 18….

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Good Luck!


Chris asks…

Which work from home online jobs are genuine and financially rewarding for me to do from Africa?

Which work from home online jobs are genuine and financially rewarding for me to do from Africa.
I have sometime on my hands at home and want to try some of the work from home jobs but not sure which ones are real and can be done from Ghana, where after you make money, they could send you a cheque or pay through your bank account?

dknol answers:

Consider getting a real job.

Donald asks…

How can I earn money online or work from home in India ?

Hi I have completed my bachelor degree in India. I would like to do some work from home / earn online work. But most of the sites are fake and ask for either money or credit card details. I am looking for a genuine site where I dont have to invest a single rupees and dont have to provide any personal detail. Please help me.
Thank you

dknol answers:

They are all scams, I suggest you to better stay away from this BS.

Mark asks…

How can I work from home online?

Are there any strategies to work from home online? And no I don't mean a program that I buy. I just want to know if there are any tricks to buying stuff cheap and selling it.

dknol answers:

You could try buying products really cheap somewhere like, then resell them for far above what you bought them for. It is an auction site where you pay to bid, however all items seem to sell for no more than half price and they are all brand new. They also auction off instant cash transfers of $100 and $500.

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