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William asks…

How can a teacher get hired to work from home either teaching online or related work online?

How can a qualified Ontario teacher work online (ie work from home) either instructing or designing curriculum? English as a Second Language and other middle school subjects. Curriculum or web based course design is prefered. I live in a remote area with few teaching opportunities available so I wonder if I could work in a field related to online education.

dknol answers:

Online teaching work from home jobs can be found at

Helen asks…

What are legit work from home online websites?

I've asked this before, but all I got was scam. I am a college student studying for Graphic Design and pregnant. I need to find a legit work from home online website where I can make some cash.
I actually know people who work from home and are getting paid 8 an hour, but these websites aren't hiring at the moment, so I'm looking for others

dknol answers:

Well, you need to do some research first:

1) First validate the demand:

Are there people searching for what you want to offer?


2) Build your FREE website:

3) Select a URL and setup Hosting:

4) Drive traffic:

Hope this helps…

Maria asks…

Does any body know any legitimate ways to work from home online?

I need to work from home online. Is there any legitatmite work from home jobs, such as answering phones? Thanks.

dknol answers:

There are a couple legitimate ways to work from home online. Question is, how much money do you need to be making each month. The reason I ask you this is because home jobs regardless if they're online of offline will only pay you minimum waged earnings. After taxes are taken out, your looking at your take home being below minimum wage. If this is sufficient amount of income, then a home job would be perfect for you. If it's not, then you need to look into home based business opportunties.

Donald asks…

what are the best online work from home jobs?

what are the best online work from home jobs? The ones that will actually help u bring in thousands of dollars a month?

dknol answers:

In home based businesses, depending on which one you get involved in, it usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks to start making an average income. (about the same time frame as your first payroll period) Then as you keep working your business, 4 to 6 weeks to increase that income, and 3 to 6 months to be self sufficient. That is only if you put the time and effort into it. If you just say “I started a business” and don't put any time or the effort needed in your business, then you won't make an income.
Most people have full time jobs and run their business on the side. When their business reaches the income level they desire, they put their normal jobs down and continue with their business growing. Other's dive into it head first and tackle it and get it going faster. Either way, you have the same opportunity to make a sufficient amount of income.
I don't know what you enjoy doing, hobbies, interests etc, so I'm not sure which home based business to refer you over to.

Joseph asks…

Anyone work from home ie: filling in online forms and ads?

Iv just come across some websites (UK business) that pay people for filling in forms and dealing with emails online and pay like £10 per form.Although they charge like £30 fee for training
Is this really true or is it just scams
Does anyone work for businesses online from home?

This is in the wrong section.. I Know

dknol answers:

There's a catch. The forms you fill in are for offers – which you must complete to get paid. And it costs more for the offers than what you get paid. Think for a moment – how can anyone keep paying you more than they get paid for your work, unless they can print money? And the people paying them won't pay them more than they charge you – same problem.

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