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Robert asks…

Are there any free High School Online home schools you can enroll any time in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Due to medical reasons, it is hard for me to attend school. I am a junior in high school and I am wondering if there are any free high school online home schools I can enroll to? The ones I've tried will not allow me to enroll because I am too late. I've tried Odyssey K12, Beacon, Nevada Virtual Academy, and K12 public online high school.

Any other websites or schools I can try? Please notify me. Thanks.

dknol answers:

Most public online schools only enroll students during open enrollment. I believe enrollment is closed until summer.

Have you looked into American School? Http://

It's a private non profit school that's been around since 1897. The school tuition includes all books. They offer payment plans of only $50 a month. One of my daughters attends this school. The courses are laid out very efficiently and there's not a lot of busy work. She's a sophomore, and figures she'll be able to graduate in less than a year.

Joseph asks…

Does any one need teachers of any subject for primary or secondary education for online home schooling?

Online home schooling an tuition teachers are available. Teachers use live video and instant messaging to teach. This is very helpful for children who are scared of mixing with others in school or families who change residences. We can help.

dknol answers:

This one is best online education service provider site try it, This is a good online education site. Provides instant assignment help in various subjects like Mathematics, essay writing, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer science and Statistics etc. I am satisfied with the services.

James asks…

What do you think about online home schooling?

I just moved to Ohio with my dad, I really don't like this new school at all. :( I'm a sophomore, and I was wondering what your thoughts on online home schooling were? Are there any specific programs I could look into? Thanks.

dknol answers:

Hey! Well I was a sophmore last year (Im 15, started school early)- I was fed of of public school for many reasons and it seemed like online homeschooling was the perfect ‘escape' for me. My parents told me it was a bad idea, and so did everyone else- but I wanted it so bad, I didnt listen to anyone.
The result- DONT DO IT.
Regular homeschooling may be better (dont have experience with that)- but online schooling, cyber school, is no fun. Its hard. Its time consuming. It gets lonely.
Weekends dont feel like weekends, and holidays dont feel like holidays- in regular school after 3 pm or so school is over for the day, and you get to go home- relax etc. With online school- its a continuous period of months in the same routine, enviornment etc.
I thought- i'll organize my time, join clubs- but its tough. My experience might have been better if I was orgnized (by the way, I am a pretty organized person!!), but I would take it back if I could.
If things arent unbearable, i'd say go on with regular school.
You only have a coulpe more years to go and youre done! Schools just started, and you still have a lot of new kids to meet, and things might not be as bad as they seem :)

Ive been there, done that- from my experience- Dont Do It :)
P.S I did k12 international academy (for 10th grade) Im 11th grade now.

Helen asks…

Has anyone heard of an online home-based company called VemmaBuilder Systems?

I am searching for a reputable online home-based business. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

dknol answers:

I think Vemma is a fine product – basically a liquid multivitamin and mineral supplement with mangosteen juice added as a bonus. Probably the best mangosteen supplement out there (better than Xango by a long shot) if you are interested in that.

Good parent company (New Vision) with good leadership.

Binary pay plan – not to my liking but some folks swear by them.

I think using the web as a presentation model is fine. Great way to give information, allow ordering, sign ups, etc.

However these automated “fear of loss” downline building systems look great on paper but seldom deliver.

They sound duplicatable, but they aren't. To use them successfully you have to be able to drive a huge amount of traffic to your site – that means you know how to do that or buy thousands of leads weekly and monthly. Most new people won't be able to do that.

Some get frustarted at the lack of duplication and decide to build it themselves. But by doing so you instill a “something for nothing” lazy attitude in new recruits.

Again, I think Vemma is a fine opportunity, but I don't have much use for “automated” downline building systems.

Paul asks…

How to do online home schooling in North Carolina?

For a 11th grader, is there a way to do an online home schooling?

dknol answers:

You're probably talking about a charter school (a free, online, public school).
There are none in NC right now.
So you'll have to go to a private online school. These can be expensive, and the cheapest school I recommend (Orion High School) is $225/month.

If you enroll in a private online school, you'll need to first look into your state's homeschooling laws. You need to comply with the state's and the school's laws.
Look here: .

Best online schools:
National Connections Academy (Great school; I love it!)
K12 International Academy (iCademy)
George Washington Online High School
Keystone High School
Orion High School
University of Miami Global Academy
CMA School of Arts and Sciences
WiloStar3D (Good school, I went there last year. But if you're wanting a challenge, I don't recommend it. It's not for advanced learners).

*Lastly, this is very important: DO NOT enroll in the schools listed below – I don't care how “cheap” they are*

1) Penn Foster High
2) James Madison High (Ashworth High School)
3) American School of Correspondence

If you want to know why I don't recommend these schools, just google them — they have bad reputations, and sometimes colleges do not recognize their accreditation/credits/diplomas.

Good luck! Contact me if you need anymore info.

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