Your Questions About Work Online From Home

Ken asks…

i want to work online from my home.i dont want to pay any fees.please tell me authentic sites.?

i want to do work from my home. i want to know authentic work sites who do not charge. Preferably i would like to do work like fill online survey forms and click on paid advertisements. please help.

dknol answers:

Just search google

Nancy asks…

is there any REAL online work from home jobS?

I have a 6month old and cant afford daycare. I was wondering if there were any actually work from home jobs?

dknol answers:

Transcribing is a good way to earn money from home. There are a lot of legitimate companies that hire transcriptionists. As long as you can type and have the necessary equipment, you can get hired. Check out this site:

Mary asks…

Does Anybody Know what the Real Legitimate Work From Home Online Bussiness's are?

Does Anyone Know which Online Work From Home Business's are Legitimate really work and you dont have to (buy any crap thats a scam) if so i would like to know?

dknol answers:

Theres no such thing.

Its easier to come up with your own way to make money from home..

Either way it takes work. People these days are too damn lazy, thats why those scams work.

Joseph asks…

Need to work from home online?

I am a mother with two children. I am looking for a job and I applied everywhere, but i haven't received any calls. I need a job as soon as possible but i can't find one. I am able to work from home online or outside in any retait store. But I can't find one. Can anyone plz help?

dknol answers:

Email me and we could discuss a legitimate work from home job that ISN'T a scam… The other answer was correct… Most are, unfrortunately.

I don't want to discuss it on a message board because it's not right for everybody, but it might or might not work for you.

My email address is:

Donna asks…

Does anyone know of a legitimate online work from home job. I am not looking to get rich quick.?

I cannot afford to travel as far as I would have to, to work outside the home. Nor could I afford daycare. I have at least 4-6 hours 4 days a week to do an online job, but are there any honest ones out there.

dknol answers:

I've setup a website which describes the best methods to find a real work from home job. I only include links to genuine websites for data entry and work at home jobs.

If you need any more help please send me a private message on yahoo.


Others Ive found which have been very useful: (good for IT jobs / Office Support / Accountancy from home) (Mainly IT jobs)

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