Your Questions About Work Online From Home

Joseph asks…

Is there any work from home online companys that actually work?

I see ads all the time for work from home and so on.. I was wondering if anyone out there has actually made money working online from home with any of these or are they all scams.

dknol answers:

If there were any that actually work we'd all be doing it. Do you know anyone who “works online”? No? Guess why ….

Anonymous people posting on the internet is not “someone you know”.

Sharon asks…

Does anyone here work online from home?

Looking for a good legit work from home job that does not require any payments in order to work and get paid. Been on unemployment for a couple months now and I just feel like I am not helping my husband very much financially. I really want a regular job and have tried finding one but the market is tough right now. Help, preferably from those who also work at home.

dknol answers:

I'm a stay at home parent and I work with Chacha. You answer questions and its actually really fun. I can help you get set up too. You can go to and when you apply put my email address ( in the reference section. I have been a guide since 2008 and i love it. Its real, actually the only real online job I have found. Email me any questions.

Linda asks…

What is the best work from home online business?

I would like to find a online business and work from home and a system to make money for real and I have had enough of scams that just doesnt work al they do is lie and steel your money not so mutch fun when your broke please help

dknol answers:

You should go to You Tube look up MCA and see what you think if your interested email me username awilliams4life!

Steven asks…

Is the work from home business Online Profit Masters a scam?

I have been searching for work from home online websites but Im a little scared to try one in case its a scam. I dont know how to tell the real ones from the fakes. I've been hearing about a company called Online Profit Masters that has been advertising online and on the radio. Has anyone ever used this company? How did it work for you? What type of income did you earn? Was it easy to use?

dknol answers:

This company has a stinking reputation, providing information and resources that can be sourced from people actually qualified to provide it, at far less cost.

The other major problem with this company is that there is absolutely no true consumer product. The only people spending money are those trying to make money out of it! Ridiculous.

There are remarkable home businesses out there, but Profit Masters is not one of them. Look for a company that:

Has a consumable product that consumers actually want and are ravenously buying every month (so you can be assured of ongoing income)

Has products that you yourself would buy anyway

Has proof of income

Provides a mentor to actually do the business for you at the start, so that you have a comfortable learning curve while you're earning money

Will keep paying you even after you retire, so you didn't spend all that time investing in something that would just disappear when you stopped working

How to tell the real ones from the fakes? Easy, just take it to your accountant, but make sure your accountant's brains don't stop working just because it's MLM. Apply the same due diligence to an MLM opportunity as you would to a traditional business and you'll have less chance of making a bad choice.

Mark asks…

Work from home online part time data entry job without any investment?

I am looking for work from home online part time data entry job without any investment,can anyone advice me with geniune websites ??????

dknol answers:

Unless you have very specific skills, such as graphic design, web design, computer programming or sell on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, there are no real internet work at home jobs. On line jobs are just another urban myth. You will just be bombarded with all kinds of work at home scams such as data conversion, envelope stuffing, data entry, captcha entry, document coding, home assembly, medical transcription, reading e mails, surveys, etc.

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