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George asks…

Can a long distance relatioship work for teenagers?

Im 15 and my boyfriend is 16. We've been dating for 10 months. We started dating 3 months before i was 15. The only thing is that he lives in Massachusetts and Im in Texas. I met him online. We talk everyday for hours and text all the time. We've both established that we want to be together for real and forever. No, he's not “fake” or, like, 40 years old. We send each other pictures and plan to start using the webcam to talk. We REALLY are in love and he plans to come here after he graduates to spend my senior year with me. Can this really work out?
Yes, I've met him before. He was EXACTLY the same as he was on the phone

dknol answers:

Have you even met the guy in person? You might get along online, but when you actually meet him things may be different. Looks can be deceiving. You are too young to worry about long distance relationships, you should find someone at school or meet someone when you go out, it is so much better.

Mandy asks…

Could you please suggest my further steps?

I am a teenager who has a story in mind. I recently read a newspaper which states a guy of my age writing a book despite visual handicap. It motivated me to put my story on paper and I started writing it down. Now, I wish to try my luck publishing it. How and where can i get the info for publishing. I am new author, and many people, who came to know of my work online, offline have applauded me for the work and I feel encouraged to try my luck. Please suggest.

dknol answers:

It depends on where you live, you can always google “publishers in _____ (insert country/ city of residence here)” and then check out their details.
Good luck :)

Daniel asks…

any good websites to find a good job search site so i can apply online and then go work there?

Can anyone here please give me a link(s) to any good web sites that are for finding available job openings for teenagers (because I'm 17 yrs old). And most importantly the jobs have to be found in the Boston Hyde park, MA area and I've tried looking myself but i can't find anything good.And places that i'd really prefer would be places in
West Roxbury,

and yes i know ive asked this earlier but i dont mean i want a job that i get from online or something im talking about finding a site that has job openings in my area that i can i apply for online then go work there if they ever want me to work there….ok lol

dknol answers:

Your resilience is admirable. Given your young age. Just keep on looking for it…Some eyes are at you trying to figure out how they can help…

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know any teenagers working at dick smith?

Hey im applying for a job at dick smith. Ive applied online and handed in my resume face to face with the staff. Im 15, and at the legal age of working in Aus. Do you think i will get it? Do you know any teens working there?

dknol answers:

No, but I've worked at a place called the “In and Out Burger”.

After work many folks would take the sticker for the place and remove the B and R from the Burger portion and put it on their cars.

Betty asks…

internet, website, money making for teenagers?

well i am 16 and currently have a small job all summer and even not in the summer, more full time and on saturdays during the summer i ref pee wee football and make a decent amount but with a car, insurance, and with me finally getting my own room for the first time in my life i want to spoil myself, you know a tv, ps3, stuff like that, but with the money im making all goes toward a car and insurance one of my older friends does online work and i thought he did more of the buying websites and then selling them but heres what he said
I do some web development, but nothing quick & simple. There was a member a while ago that talked about flipping domain names, which basically is registering a domain, doing some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and then selling it for a profit.

Although there is money to be made doing that, it's not for me. I make good money at my day job and about $20k or so a year building websites & network consulting (setting up home & small office networks)

what does that mean and i know alot about internet and computers, not geeky, just took a class and i need to make those couple extra hundred maybe thousand to get what i want, where can i start and go to do and earn money like this?

dknol answers:

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