Your Questions About Work Online For Teenagers

Mandy asks…

I'm a teenager. i need some quick money. Is there any way i can work from Home parttime online to earn that ?

I'm 17 and live in Bangladesh.I ‘ve good knowledge over computer and internet. can anyone give me some suggestion. i really need about 100$ . thats a lot of money to earn for me.

dknol answers:

Best, legal and safe way to earn on internet is by joining paid survey sites. Paid survey sites pay you for your opinion on various topics.
Don’t pay for any survey program to join. There are many free to join paid survey like survey savvy they pay more then 5 $ per survey. Always check for on which site you are registering is BBB (Better Business Bureaus) certified.
Global Test Market…
American Consumer Opinion
Survey Savvy…
Permission Research
Greenfield Online Surveys
Opinion Surveys……

You can check the website for more free survey list, affiliate programs and contextual ad program, get paid for reading email & surfing the web and more earning recourses.

Check the website for freelance work.

Thomas asks…

Part time job online for teenagers?

Finding a job in the streets is a challenge for me, I live in the middle of nowhere . I was wondering if I could apply for a job online so that I can work from my computer and still get paid. Looking to put some money in pocket, please help

dknol answers:

There is NO such thing as an online job……..

There are careers that allow you to work from home such as real estate, accounting, law, IT consulting, art-marketing-graphic design, some sales positions but virtually ALL require an education and the resources to start your own business…….

There are employers who allow some employees to work remotely using the companies network…….

There are businesses that you can run from your home and many use the internet for advertising and sales
BUT there is no such thing as an online job!!!!!

Joseph asks…

Any online jobs available for teenagers for the summer?

Does anyone know any internet jobs that are available for teenagers? I want to have a job over the summer, somthing I could do at home. I don't want to do any telecommuting or aanything like that. Is anyone actually doing any jobs that actually work? I am only asking because I looked around already and for some odd reason I have to pay them to get a job , and that is reallllyy wierd. Thanks =]

dknol answers:

Check it out

Helen asks…

Which online money making sites really work?

I'm a teenager and I want to make some extra money for myself, and I'm not old enough to have a real job. I have tried many paid surveys and other things, but they all end up to be scams or only give very little payments. I want to find a site that really works, isn't a scam, and gives decent pay. I am willing to work the hours. Please if this has worked for anyone, please let me know, thank you.

dknol answers:

Thousands of people are making real money with the google adsense program .. Unlike other program you need to pay something to find out what it is and then find out it dont work, google adsense is simple and easy to setup

more info here

Linda asks…

whats the best online game for teenagers of 17 yer old for free?

i've already have second life and kevea viside. i have tried to download imvu but, it dosin't work on my netbook (none of them) at all.

dknol answers:

Savage XR

Savage XR is a post-apocalyptic Real Time Strategy Shooter (RTSS) combining the computer game genres FPS, RTS and Hack ‘n' Slash into an online-only multiplayer game. As the commander in RTS mode, you will tackle resource management, develop a tech tree, plan tactical and strategic assaults and lead a team of up to 64 human players into battle. As a unit in action mode, you will master melee combat, many unique weapons, powerful units, and siege vehicles to fight a fast-paced battle. The aim of the game is to destroy the opponent's command structure.

Download (Freeware, 280 MB):

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