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Nancy asks…

Looking for first time summer job as a high school student, but with unique skill sets? Where to look?

I'm a 16 year old male high school student, looking for a job over the summer between my 11th and 12th grade years. It would be my first real job experience, so I'm not expecting much, nor do I know much about what to expect. I live in Stafford County, Virginia, and attend Stafford Senior High School.

It needs to be something paid, though how much isn't really an issue, minimum wage or just over it would be fine by me really. I'd prefer something with on-the-job training if its needed, and I'd like to be able to work most weekdays and occasional weekends (just not all of them.)

# Awfully structured resume #

– Extremely tech-smart *Listed in more detail below
– Strong student in high school, gets work done and maintains constant A/B average in high level courses, including AP English, AP Physics and calculus.
– Self-sufficient, but also glad to work with others
– Speaks English and decent Spanish (Four years of Spanish classes)
– Outstanding writer and communicator, received awards for writing and presentation skills
– Electrical (Residential Wiring) Experience *More detail below

– My most prominent skillset, and also where my passion lies, would probably be my technical and mathematical skills, though I don't know how many entry-level jobs I could pick up as a teen would allow me to put that to use. I am more than tech-savvy, and can:

– disassemble / reassemble a computer and repair it on interface level
– do website design with the commonly used computer languages
– program simple applications, including mobile/online applications desired by many businesses
work with Office Suite applications, such as developing Powerpoint Presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, etc.
work with all Adobe Creative Suite software, and use them for applications such as:
*animating and editing videos
*editing photos
*putting together posters, fliers, online multimedia, etc.
– handle online advertising
– use Calculus, Statistical and Algebraic math and apply it to real-world situations
– translate the senseless jargon used by today's teenagers into English ;P

– I've taken two years of high-school electricity as something to help fill my schedule, but it's provided me with a lot of experience. During that class, which fills a three hour block every other schoolday, I've worked on dozens of assorted practice circuits, used the necessary math equations to calculate the needed specifications, learned safety skills and requirements as well as received an OSHA worker certification through possibly the slowest and most patience-consuming course I've ever taken. As for actual jobsite experience, I've worked with my class on three different homes, two sponsored by the BOOTS (Bringing Occupational Opportunites to Students) foundation and the other by Habitat for Humanity.

The way I see it so far, I have four possible options. I could work in an average burger flipping / retail type job, or I could try to go a step further and maybe work online using my technical skills, work in an office for somebody using those same technical and academic skills, or work using my electrical job experience in that field. I haven't really thought of much else.
Anyways, that's about everything I can think of. I'm not sure where to look, or how I can get myself out there yet.

I know that most teenagers work their first job in a Taco Bell or a Walgreens, but I'd love to be able to put a little more effort and skill into whatever I do. I want it to be a somewhat unique experience, if that makes sense.

I'd love to hear any suggestions, input, or knowledge that anyone would like to share. Thanks!

dknol answers:

Brilliant resume – get it down to 5 lines and advertise yourself locally in stores as willing to do any work. Good luck!

Michael asks…

What are some good stores that carry plus size clothing? Either online or in Orange County, CA.?

Question says it all. Looking for some plus size clothing stores. I'd like to go in and try clothes on if you know of any in Orange County, CA… But if not, online will work aswell.

I'm a teenager btw, so no old lady clothes haha. I love some of the stuff at Forever 21 but generally my styles a little more edgy.

Thanks for the help!

dknol answers:

If you want more edgy, B and Lu may be a good choice. Really cute dresses. I will also list some other sites as well. I know is based in Orange County but they only have a sale at their showroom a few times a year. Don't forget about Torrid and the Junior Plus Size sections at Macy's and K-Mart(actually not a bad selection) as well.

Http:// – There is a store located in Anaheim

Chris asks…

Book a holiday through a travel agent or online?

Would it be cheaper to book an all-inclusive holiday for 5-6 teenagers online or at a travel agent shop, although the travel agent online websites are by far more expensive than the other websites?
Need to start booking the holiday now and wondering which option would work out cheaper?

dknol answers:

Booking online is better than travel agent
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Sandra asks…

What jobs actually hire 15 year olds in north carolina? Online it says 15, but when i go to the job its 16?

Well i am a teenager looking for work and i have noticed something weird, the hiring age it says online for the store/ resturaunt they say 16, so why is that? also which jobs will actually hire a 15 year old?

dknol answers:

You'll have a harder time finding work than a 16 year old because there are alot more restrictions placed on 14-15 year olds in terms of how many breaks the employer must give them and when they have to take them so it is less flexible. I know for a fact that fast food restaurants will hire 15 year olds and this will probably be your best bet, especially in the current economy where the competition for even these basic jobs is hard.

Paul asks…

Where can you play The HookUp game online besides virtual teenager?

Virtual Teenager does not work for me because it gets stuck loading! (Has anyone else had this problem?) Is there any other place that has the game? BTW it is the game that used to be on aka teen nick.. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

dknol answers:


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