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Sandy asks…

How should I advise my Sister about sex?

Well, basically I am 15 years old, and have a baby girl and a husband. Despite what other people think i am turning 16 in a few weeks and my husband and I have been married for almost a year. We were dating since 6th grade and got pregnant after having sex for to first time going into our Sophmore year of High School. After having our baby, my husband and I took a month off and made up work online and I now returned to school, well it's summer now thank god lol, but I'm going to start up school again in the fall as a Junior, while my husband works nights and takes classes online during the day so that we can both graudtaue on time. My mom had been amazing, and even though she got a divorce with my dad the same yea she let Vince and I get married and live at the house, we pay 80% of the baby's needs while she covers diapers and stuff on occasion. My husband and I are more than gretaful, but I'v noticed something, I noticed that my sister is starting to get involved into serious relationships with guys at only 13 yers old. Now i doubt she's having sex yet, but It scares me because of everything that has happened this past year. My concern is that Vince and I make two married teenagers with a baby's life glamarous or something. I realise how fortunite we are, but I find that my sister loves taking care of the baby, and helping out, and I fear she might have sex without worrying about the consequences since she sees how eveyrthing worked out for me. I have no idea how to stress to her the my life along with Vince's isn't anything like she thinks it is. lvoe my little sis Lex, and even though I lvoe Vicne and our baby, I don't want her to follow in my footseps at all. If anyone can please come up with a simple way to show her that even though mom is on our side, having a baby at 15 is far form glamarous, thanks in advance =]

dknol answers:

I applaud you for working so hard. It's not an ideal situation but you seem to be handling it with grace and dignity. And it's nice to see someone so caring about her younger sister.

I guess it might be best just to sit her down and ask her about it. Ask her what she thinks about how your life is going. Ask her her opinion on your pregnancy and motherhood along with your marriage. Explain to her how easy it is to get pregnant and how hard it is to raise a child. I'm not saying that you should use scare tactics but do lay out the responsibilities of sex. Explain to her how it could affect her emotionally. If she ‘give it away' before she is ready she could suffer emotionally. Explain to her that you don't think she is ready and that you probably weren't ready either (no offense. I don't want to pass judgement on your life). You should probably explain all the expenses and every thing you have to do for the baby (feeding, labor, diapers, up during the night…). You should probably really share with her your emotions while you were pregnant… Like how you were feeling (whether it be ashamed, scared, angry… Whatever you may have felt). Explain to her how it may have affected your life. Tell her how it has affected your social life and relationships with others. She probably has a plan for how she wants her life to go…

I think you should tell her how much you love her and you don't want to see her in the same situation. You'd be surprised by how much a little love can stretch. Remind her to stay a kid as long as possible because as soon as she loses that innocence and youth there's no getting it back. I'm 16 and I've never even kissed a boy… Tell her there is plenty of years to do be in relationships but she should enjoy the simplicity of childhood as long as she can.

Again, if I know you I would give you a big hug. You were very lucky to have such a great mom. Good Luck. I hope everything works out. I wish you the best. :D

Maria asks…

Imvu good for kids? Why or why not?

Okay well my 13 year old sister is constantly on this chat thing, called Imvu. She does not go to school as of right now. Only because she had some major surgery done in the past couple weeks. She does her work, online and some of her tests are picked up by my mom. But anyways she is always online, and when I do walk by, she's talking to all different guys…Is Imvu appropriate for her? I dont think so, but I am just wondering what are the Facts on Imvu? Is this site appropriate for teenagers?

dknol answers:

There's really no way for her to see anything really innapropriate on there unless she goes out of her way to find it. Underage kids aren't even allowed to join rooms that are owned by people over the age of 18. You also need something called an access pass (which requires a credit card, social security # and payment of 20 bucks) to see adult oriented products on there. Point is, if she's not on there looking for sex and just wants to talk to people and chill, she's fine.

Mark asks…

Any REAL online jobs?

I am 15 and need a job. I am moving to a very small town, where the only places I could get a job are subway or a local grocery store. I don't know any of the people there, so I don't have any ties/connections for babysitting or anything like that. So, I am interested in internet jobs. I don't know which are legitimate, and which aren't. What are some legitimate online jobs that a teenager can work at and earn money?
I need to raise $8000 in a year or less.

dknol answers:

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Robert asks…

Teenager under 18 in New York Do I need working papers?

All of the following may or may not be true.

Hello, I am a 15-year-old male in New York State. I want an online job working for a business. However, do I need working papers? I obtain them at the school, then send the papers to the business? The business's base is in Washington State. Is that legal for me to work for them? Just wondering, thanks.

dknol answers:

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Lizzie asks…

Good high street online shops to buy teenage clothing read further?

So I always buy from the following:
H & M

..however, h & m/asos are quiet expensive for me

Newlook and bhs don't have nothing nice in season

& I can't think of any online shops that will sell clothes like they do in newlook?

Also, where can I find work clothes for teenagers as I have work experience coming up?

Thanks a bunch to anyone who answers :') x

dknol answers:

Boohoo and miss guilded are good

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