Your Questions About Work Online For Teenagers

Lisa asks…

Online Working????????????

Hey Guys Im a Teenager and need a bit extra money

I am happy to do online assignments and other stuff for cheap prices through paypal.

Very Tech Smart

dknol answers:

Why not go look for a job in the real world that actually requires physical effort.

Lizzie asks…

Everyone online is saying Zoloft doesnt work? Will it work for me?

I started taking it a week ago tomorrow and I keep reading up on it online.

The only information Ive found for it relating to Seasonal Affective Disorder and teenagers is jam-packed with suicide.

And, when I search people's opinions of it, they say it doesnt work.

Im fifteen, 5 foot 8, 130 pounds, and my doctor has prescribed me 25mg everyday until January 1st, I started it December 2nd. And then the dose will go up to 50mg.

My doctor told me that Ill feel the affect by Christmas, but, I havent found any teen's opinions on Zoloft or any positive opinions of it for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The first few days I took it, my head felt a bit cloudy from time to time, but, the side effects were really minimal.

Im also thinking that the relief Im feeling right now is a placebo effect or from the power of suggestion.

I also have OCD and Social Panic Disorder

Any advice would be great(:

dknol answers:

You really haven't been on the pill long enough right now to see significant benefits. I experienced depression last year and took Zoloft for a period of time. It benefited me greatly, but different pills have different results on each individual since it is about your body's chemistry. 25 mg isn't much, but it's where everybody starts. Keep your doctor updated on your progress so the two of you can decide if Zoloft alone is working for you. Zoloft didn't really help a friend of mine, so her doctor put her on Wellbutrin, also. Be weary of Wellbutrin if you are prone to seizures, because it lowers the seizure threshold.

Donald asks…

Online Gaia? is it a game just for teenagers?

I just found out about it and it's funny in it's own way, however I'm wondering is it just for teenagers? and how the hell do they get such a big amount of gold to buy all those silly lil things?

I'm getting to old for these games. Plus I play from work so I guess a bunch of server connections are blocked because I can't access my house and a whole lot of other links

dknol answers:

It's not just for teenagers.
My friend's mom, age 50++ play it too.

To get golds,
try kicking the bushes, trees, etc..

Susan asks…

Is there such thing as an Online therapist?

My parents don't have the money to take me to a therapist, plus my dad works all the time. Is there such thing as a therapist for teenagers online for free? That would be amazing.

dknol answers:

I don't know where you live, but here in Australia there are organisations like Kids Helpline that provide counselling over the phone, chatrooms, or e-mail counscelling for kids 5 – 25 or something like that. There are many organisations like it, I'm sure. The best part is that it's free. The worst part is that there might be a delay (sometimes up to a few weeks for e-mail) in responses.

If you urgently need to speak to someone, there are specific hotlines you can dial to get the help you need. Research the list of hotlines in your area and keep a record of them somewhere just in case. ^^

Or else, if you really want to talk to someone, try your school guidance counsellor or a teacher you're close to. They can be really good listeners.

Laura asks…

How should I talk to my sister…?

Well, basically I am 15 years old, and have a baby girl and a husband. Despite what other people think i am turning 16 in a few weeks and my husband and I have been married for almost a year. We were dating since 6th grade and got pregnant after having sex for to first time going into our Sophmore year of High School. After having our baby, my husband and I took a month off and made up work online and I now returned to school, well it's summer now thank god lol, but I'm going to start up school again in the fall as a Junior, while my husband works nights and takes classes online during the day so that we can both graudtaue on time. My mom had been amazing, and even though she got a divorce with my dad the same yea she let Vince and I get married and live at the house, we pay 80% of the baby's needs while she covers diapers and stuff on occasion. My husband and I are more than gretaful, but I'v noticed something, I noticed that my sister is starting to get involved into serious relationships with guys at only 13 yers old. Now i doubt she's having sex yet, but It scares me because of everything that has happened this past year. My concern is that Vince and I make two married teenagers with a baby's life glamarous or something. I realise how fortunite we are, but I find that my sister loves taking care of the baby, and helping out, and I fear she might have sex without worrying about the consequences since she sees how eveyrthing worked out for me. I have no idea how to stress to her the my life along with Vince's isn't anything like she thinks it is. lvoe my little sis Lex, and even though I lvoe Vicne and our baby, I don't want her to follow in my footseps at all. If anyone can please come up with a simple way to show her that even though mom is on our side, having a baby at 15 is far form glamarous, thanks in advance =]

dknol answers:

I'm so proud of you i really am even if i dont know you. You have made a great example of what teen moms should be like, And for your sister tell her that it isn't easy to have a family to young, How she sees that your capable of doing it doesn't mean everyone can. Tell her the good and the bad side. Make her realize that following your footsteps aren't the best way for her to go right now since she's younger. Make her hear you out and maybe you and your husband can both talk to her. Talk to her about how it's changed your life and things like that. But once again i'm really proud of you and your husband for taking a big responsibility like that. And not making it a bad one. You and him have a good head on your shoulder and good luck with your little sister… Hope i helped =]]

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