Your Questions About Work Online For Teenagers

Nancy asks…

Any online jobs for teenagers?

I know, life is hard. I am 15, and a minor.
Surely there are some online jobs I can do. Or some TOP-CALLS organization looking for teens to work.
I have LOOKED everywhere, believe me, this is my last stop.
I'm not into stupid surveys, I dont have a credit card.
Outside..umm…paper jobs are hard to get, I know, I've tried..
I'm hoping..theres at least someone out there who can help me, or better yet, a person looking for me, a teenager who loves to wrok hard and can earn money online.

dknol answers:

I don't know about online jobs, but I can give you websites to find work that you have to report to in person.

Really, if you enter “job” into any search engine, you will get plenty of websites where you can look. Hope you find what you're looking for.

Betty asks…

What's a great job for?

a 14 year old teenager that doesnt hav his working papers and doesnt wanna work online

dknol answers:

Pool boy.

George asks…

some jobs for teenagers ? ?

hi im 13 years old and pregnant . the father is still with me but i wouldn't want to be getting all the money from him I'd like to feel proud of myself for getting money & helping with it too.

do you guys know any places that'll will pay any amount of money to 13 year olds after 2:3Opm ?

please no rude comments . i just want to know the best place that wouldn't be online working . Please and thank you all
i live in hyde park , boston , massachussetts , united states .

any jobs for teens around the area ?

dknol answers:

How do you get pregnant wen you thirteen?
You just threw you life away, im telling you.

Lisa asks…

Where can you watch the Secret Life of an American teenager online or download it?

My best friend and I have been watching it every week together, but now she has to work Monday nights and has to miss it. I don't really care for the show, but I enjoy watching it with her, and she loves it. Is there anywhere that I can either download or watch the full episode online? Decent quality, or anything.

dknol answers:


you'll have multiple options for each episode. Enjoy!

William asks…

Earn some money by doing some online jobs…?

I live in India. I am a teenager and wish to earn some money via Internet Jobs/ Online Jobs.
Are there any genuine online job websites which require no processing fee and really work for teenagers like me?
If there are please tell me.

dknol answers: has a new feature that may interest you. It can be found here: .

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