Your Questions About Work Online For Google

George asks…

I want to work online, any suggestions?

Ok, Im looking for more income, online, but I don't want to do tweeter or Google both with monthly fees. And Im sick of surveys.

dknol answers:

I really don't know anything,but be very careful. People are out there to rip other people off. Especially if you're young and inexperience. If it sounds too good to be true,it probably isn't. Ask an adult before you go for anything over the internet. Just be cautious!!!

Helen asks…

Where can I find working online now icons for Myspace?

All the ones I've tried off Google don't work anymore. Does anyone know the HTML code or a website that works??

dknol answers:

Only one site, that I know of, has working code for an online now icon.
A few others have working code for an “always there” style icon, which sits above the last login, but does not go away ever.
(Sometimes it even duplicates).

But this one has code which works:
If you have trouble making it work, leave a comment on the site. She helps people.

Richard asks…

Is the Google home biz kit safe?

I am very interested in working for google online; it claims that you only work four hours a day and make 5 grand per week. Sounds good…almost too good. there's a two dollar shipping cost to start the thing, and I am afraid of a scam. does anyone know if it is legit?

dknol answers:

NO – It's a scam using Google's name. This is NOT a program by Google.

And scammers are pretty clever to make you think it's real. Only when you've paid and seen nothing will you believe that it is a scam

From Google Adsense blog
We’d like to take this opportunity to state that we're not affiliated with any third-parties that solicit payment to join the AdSense program or that sell CDs with money-back guarantee offers. AdSense is a free product offered to publishers by Google Inc., and there’s no cost or obligation involved. As a result, we recommend that prospective publishers exercise caution when presented with such offers.

If you want to earn money from Google, the ONLY way is to apply to Google Adsense

Sharon asks…

I want part time online job or work from home for additional income without investment?

I am 30 year old female and living in Ahmedabad, gujarat india. I am working and for additional income I also want part time online work be it data entry paper work, or any internet research or market survey or HR related. But I want to do something for extra income. My mom is 52 and she is getting pension and she too want to do some work from home for additional income. I tried to google out about work from home opportunity but not able to find exact clue and I don't understand exactly from where to find such work. I hear people are doing work from home, can someone give me contact details of company which gives real opportunity to people for work from home or online job or any HR related work from home. Also are there any company which gives opportunity for market survey like going to places thrice or four time in a month or during weekends and taking surveys, for eg: once one of my neighbour called me in one such survey where we has to go to some rural area and ask them question from questionnarie given to us, like what products they use and how much they are satisfied with so and so products etc. and after taking survey one has to submit the report to company, once I was called by her to act as translater in english, i.e. we went to take survey in some housewife's home and there I have to translate in english whatever she says infront of company representative, I was paid 500 per day. But problem is that that lady is not in my touch and she never told me that what company it was and she was responsible for arranging event and calling people, she was the one to give me my wage, but now she isn't in my touch.

Along with my job I am really interested to do something extra either during weekend or on part time basis from home, so pls give me idea from where I find out such work, pls provide me contact details if you know.

dknol answers:

Try outsourcing jobs like article writing, content writing, blogging, SEO etc. Some of freelancing sites are: Odesk, Freelancer, Scrptlance, E-lance, People-per-hour, View worker, 99designs, Joomlancers etc, It also search in google with “outsourcing website for online earning” you will get a lot of list.

Steven asks…

has any one worked with google secrets?

Has anyone tryed to work for the online google secrets and is it for real to make money

dknol answers:

Yes i earned a lot of money ..

Google have couple of secrets

One is Google Adsense .. Where you can make your account and then you can put people ads on your website or freely created blog but for that u need to know how to make google adsense account and then put ads on your blog and how to make blog etc.

Other secret is optimizing your products website pages for google and to hire a good SEO

other secret is Google adword where u have to pay a little amount fo money to sell your products

other secret is local business listing to reach local area consumers for your products services or company etc

other secret is Google Base Feed or google shopping center where u can publish your product freely and get instant sales

Google search engine itself is just like a SEA it up to you how deep u sink into it :) . It will give u access to any thing that u just imagine



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