Your Questions About Work Online For Google

Sandra asks…

right click online dictionary ?

is there a dictionary service that work online like google bookmark and its other great services …
or an extension for Firefox ?
something like BABYLON ? but free and online
anyone have information or try such capabilities ?

dknol answers:


This extension to firefox uses to give you the meaning of words.

Steven asks…

Question about Google online jobs?

I just came across this article about people working at Google online. It was saying Google recruits people all the time to post links for them, and they can make a pretty good amount of money doing that. Does anyone know anything about this? It seems legit but I want to get some opinions before I sign up to get my kit.

dknol answers:

You can only obtain legitimate work from home positions from brick and mortar companies.

You want to send your resume out to companies hiring for positions you are qualified for, but include in your resume that you have a home office and you wish to work remotely. Include how you have your home office set up and what equipment you already have in order for you to perform your job.

These jobs are just going to advertised as jobs, they would not promote them as “work at home” because they would hear from too many unqualified people.

Sharon asks…

I want to work from home. Google seems to be the number one internet job. I need a legit website that pays.?

I keep getting scammed out of money i don't have. Is there anyone out there is is working with a real company, making real money without having to pay for a starter kit or training instructions? If so please help me start working online too.
I am not lazy man! I worked 10 years in the printing company until the plant closed, so I am going to school and raising kids. U call that lazy. U go to MCDONALDS!!!!!!! I just want to earn some extra cash while I am working on my degree!

dknol answers:

Man you are lazy. If you want a job go apply at McDonald's or something

Linda asks…

What prepaid carads work for online gambling?

Nothing seems to work anymore. Nothing at all. I search on google and they say greendot, or vanillia visa. But these cards no longer aloud online gambling. Are there any left?

dknol answers:

I have been using Rush Card and NetSpend for years now. It wouldn't hurt to open a My Wallet account and a Click 2 Pay. This way you can transfer money from one to the other with now hassles at all. Most online casinos accept NetSpend and Rush Card. They are both pre paid VISA cards.

Ken asks…

working for google online? scam? what do you think?
an email telling me how much $ i could make working for google online was sent to me through craigslist. the link they sent led me to this website. opinions?

dknol answers:

Absolute scam, they'll sell your email address.

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