Your Questions About Work Online For Google

Carol asks…

Does anyone here work or worked for an online internet site like google, yahoo, bing, MSN, etc. ?

If so can u help me out with finding a job working for them or hook me up with one. I'd really appreciate it, I have plenty of qualifications and I'm doing well in college being a MIS-Management Information Systems major.

dknol answers:

Just click on the link that says jobs on

Ken asks…

Why doesn't Google Chrome work with some online applications?

I tried Google Chrome, the web browser, and it seems to be perfect except for one thing, it doesn't work with applications. For instance i tried creating a flair using Pieces of Flair from Facebook and Google Chrome wouldn't load it and it just shows a gray area where the program should be. It also happens with games. I tried going to and playing a game and it would only load to a certain point then stop. It wouldn't load the whole game so i could play it. It is annoiying and if anybody could help me out that would be spectacular!!!!!!

Thanks a million in advance!

dknol answers:

Its still beta,so dont expect it to run perfectly.
It uses an old version of Apple's Webkit as the engine, so expect a few “Web 2.0” sites to act funnily.
Jsut post any issues to Googles feedback so they cna sort them out, hence the point of a beta release.

Susan asks…

Work for Google jobs help?

Hi. I have seen a lot of ads online about working for Google online and making money but none of it is true! The just take you to blogs with no home and fake sites so is there any real deal about this? I really like to know.

dknol answers:

There are many legitimate work at home opportunities – both

traditional (with regular, set hours) and non-traditional

(self-paced, set and work own hours). Both require a quiet,

dedicated work space and equipment as well as the mindset and

personality to success-fuly work from home.

Maria asks…

question about google online?

I am looking for people who have worked for Google online posting links. Have you ever done this and if so, what is the pay like?

dknol answers:

Those jobs are fictitious. Google has just announced a lawsuit against a company that has been posting ads with such jobs.

Linda asks…

does any one know about the Online Google jobs?

those jobs online were you work for Google posting links….are they all scams??

dknol answers:

There is no such a thing as posting links in Google. Usually scam sites tell tales like those. Better not fell for those scams.

Google has a program called Google AdSense which you can join if you have a good website or a blog. They give you ads to put on your site and you get paid when a visitor click through those ads. Its free to join. But this has nothing to do with those so called Posting Ads in Google.

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