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Mark asks…

What is the best free calendar and task android application that has sync function to mobile phone?

I'm looking for a free calendar and task app for my android mobile. I'm using Jorte now but the interface widget looks cluttered with tiny texts in it. I prefer one that has the same basic functions and available widget but with a better look and feel, and can be managed both from the phone or online Google calendar/tasks. I looked up at Calengoo and Pocket Informant but they don't come free.

dknol answers:

Business Calendar is one the best and the most used calendar app for Android!! It also solves the old google calendar sync problems with stock calendar app!!
This is the link of the paid version
However a free version do exists!

For task application you may give astrid task a try!

Linda asks…

How to get a California Tax ID number and Resale Number?


I live in CA and want to start an Ebay store. I'm already very familiar with selling etc, and have my market in mind. I would like to purchase wholesale though, and some wholesalers only sell to those with a resale number in CA.

I won't have high volume sales, will still keep my day job, etc. But, what steps do I need to take? Business license then tax id number then resale number? Can this all be done online?

Google hasn't yielded the greatest results and I know nothing about business so.. Here I am. What are the steps and where do I go?


dknol answers:

Contact the Board of Equalization.

Carol asks…

How am I suppose to know which college is good?

Usually, I can only depend on ranking like usnews. But, I come across comments online (google) and see some bad opinions about colleges that seem to have high ranking. I don't know what to trust and how am I supposed to choose my school. I would love visit their campuses but can't afford it. Is there anyway? Websites ( not bias)?

dknol answers:

In the long run, most colleges are just fine for the majority of students. In some very limited fields, the college may be important, but that is primarily for post graduate work. My experience is that how well you apply yourself is much more important. In most jobs, the degree means very little after you have some experience in the work force. Then your work references and experience mean everything. I have had interviews after working for a couple of years, and they don't even ask about my college, or even what specifically my degree is.

Ruth asks…

Difference between the two desktop searches by Google?

I was wondering what the difference between the Google desktop web history search, and the Google account web history search is.

I know they are separate because with web history disabled in my account, the desktop history will still search.

I was also wondering how the online Google web history works. Just as another question.
I didn't mean search history. I mean web history.

Google has their own form of web history.

dknol answers:


Richard asks…

How do I find articles from old magazines?

For example, I'm looking for an article published in Psychology Today in 1978, and other similar hard-to-find out-of-print articles. I don't need the actual back-issue, just access to the article online. Google and come up with nothing, but I imagine there must be some database like Lexis-Nexis, except that Lexis-Nexis is just for business articles I believe. Any thoughts?

dknol answers:

Most magazines have an archive. Try searching at the magazine website under archives.

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