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Donald asks…

Is there an online program like Google Sketchup?

I'm working at school on a project and can't download google sketchup. I was wondering if there was an online application or something that works similar to sketchup.
I'm trying to design a store for a project.

dknol answers:

I don't think you will find ny online software this kind of program uses a lot of memory and processor time and it would be impractical to run it in a browser. If you can't download one somewhere then maybe you should go see if you can buy it from Amazon or something

Total CAD 2D-3D is only £6 or £7 on there I believe . . .

Sandra asks…

Can I make Entourage on my Mac sync up with my Google account?

Is there a way to sync between the contact information on my online Google account and my Mac's Entourage data? I'd like the calendar and contact data to be the same on both, without having to manually copy/copy-paste all the stuff to it.

dknol answers:

Sorry, but you can't do that.

Joseph asks…

can i earn online without google adsense, there are how many ways to earn online?

can i earn online without google ad sense, there are how many ways to earn online.

dknol answers:

Options are available to earn money without Google adsense. Many of them providing online jobs. But the main things is don't paid any advance, registration fees and initial payment. Because most of them are scam and cheating people. You can get job those who are providing without advance.

Linda asks…

Are there any schools that offer GED classes in Portland or online?

Or anywhere online? Google isn't much help and PCC only offer classes to 16-20 year olds, so I'm too old to get into my first choice for school.

dknol answers:

There's always CCC (Clackamas Community College) or MHCC (Mount Hood Community College).

Lisa asks…

How do I turn off the drop down menu showing old searchs when searching for something new?

Whenever I am searching for something online (google usually) the drop down menu comes up with old searches. I share a computer with other people and don't want to have everyones old searches come up. How can I turn it off. I've got Windows Vista.

dknol answers:

In internet explorer:

1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Delete Browsing History .
3. Click the Delete forms button.
4. Click the Yes button in the confirmation window.
5. Click the Close button.

In firefox:

1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Clear Private Data.
3. Select Saved Form and Search History.
4. Click the Clear Private Data Now button.

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