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Betty asks…

An online Social Work degree program….?

I'm finishing an associate's degree in Social Work, and I'd like to start working as a Social Work assistant, and then complete my bachelor's degree using an online degree program or some sort of distance learning. I don't have a car, so transportation is an issue for me. I've looked online, using Google, but have been unable to find an online Social Work degree program. Any help would be great, thanks.

dknol answers:

This site may have helpful info

Charles asks…

How can I tell if I'm on working online or offline on my pc?

I'm having a problem getting to a lot of internet sites. I go to Google( or address bar), type in what I'm searching for, click on the available answers and get nothing. If I get anything, it's can't open the wwebpage. H E L P!!!

dknol answers:

If you were offline I think it would tell you you were once you tried to connect to the Internet.On your toolbar(not on the Internet,but the bottom of your computer screen where start is,only on the right corner,opposite corner of start)there should be a computer sign.It might look like two computers.Lay your mouse over it& see if it tells you if you're offline.

If that doesn't work you can go into your control panel or connect to…& that should clear things up.

If anything else look the problem up in help & support on your computer.

I hope this helps & wasn't too confusing.

Lizzie asks…

Where can i find the song Lips of a Angel online?

I just want to listen to it while i'm working online. I had it on my myspace but then it was removed….

but I looked for it on google and yahoo and the only thing i can find is where you purchase it or hear a small part of the song

dknol answers:

You can go to and go to VSPOT there should be a link, and you can search for Hinder under music videos, and you get the song and the music video and you can also search for any song on VSPOT and you can make a playlist and it is all for free and it will even save your playlist. I love VSPOT and use it every day, just to listen to while I am working. I hope it works for you!

Robert asks…

i need help online jobs that pay no scams?

it seems now days that more people are staying home making money online by working no more than a couple a hours a day. i know now that times are really tuff, why i cant get a piece of the pie, i hear it on the news, i waant someone please direct me to a non scam website that i can make money from home, see the problem i have is this i get ssi and i'm sick and tired of getting a check every month, some say that i'm lucky, but maybe i dont see it that way, i'm 32 yrs old i been getting ssi since i was 19, i go thru hell with ssi i cant even have 5 dollars in my pocket or they will count that as a source of income if i do work it has to be under the table. when i die my kids wont get nothing ssi wont give them a dime, and that hurts because my kids need something incase times get hard again, sure they are young girls but when they get older i hope they work. hell i want to get me a house and pay my credit off, so i can have some spending change, i hear it all the time people make money online with google and ebay and other legit websites, sometimes i think they are a scam, i need help someone, i'm ready to get off ssi and work online knowing that i can make more money than what ssi pays me per month, heck i'm about to move into an apartment soon, because the family own house that my girlfriend lives in is hers and shes planning on selling it so she can use that money as a down payment on a new home, but in the meantime rent will kick our butt is ssi going to give me a rent increase i dont think so. i need help someone, if anyone helps me i promise you i will give anyone 500 dollars, i'm looking to make money online for the longterm not shorterm, thank you guys, if you want to contact me my email is…… thanks hope to hear from somebody…….
i need legit online work from home jobs no surveys.

dknol answers:

Hey tyson

I know some good sites you can try, they are free to join and I have been paid by them. Check my website for info and Proof of Payments

Nancy asks…

I have tried everything and Google is still redirecting?

I have tried Malwarebytes, Combofix, SAS, Trend and Kapersky online scan and nothing is working!!! Google is still redirecting and I am at my wit's end…does anyone know a true fix for this?

dknol answers:

Have you run Kapersky TDSSKiller? If not, do that, see

Other than that you can also try Hitman Pro
Sophos anti rootkit
You can read this thread

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