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Mark asks…

I defragmented my computer and now Google Chrome will not work :( HELP PLZ!?

I have tried multiple resolutions that I have found online that worked for others but none of these things work for me. I get an Error 3 when trying to re-install it. I tried the Wisefixer but it wants me to enter my “product key” which it says can be found in my e-mail but I have no e-mail. Not sure what to do but my Netflix and other programs wont work without Chrome :( Any suggestions?

dknol answers:

Go download Advanced Uninstaller (FREE), find Chrome in the list and use “Force Removal” to uninstall Chrome. After it uninstalls, it can also scan your computer and Windows Registry for left over garbage, reg keys, etc. Make sure you do this and remove everything. Then reinstall Chrome.


Nancy asks…

I want to work online, How?

Hi there!
I have tried many times to find a home job from my computer, but i didn't success.
I tried earning money through ads like Google Adsense, Amazon ads and many sites, but i didn't gain anything that i hadn't a lot of visitors on my blogs.
I read a lot about SEO, and i tried to put public contents on my webpages, but there was no success :(
I know that some websites provide simple ways to gain money like Flicker, but it isn't enough.
I have a Forex account at IForex, but i have no experience at forex market. Also i searched many times on the web. I am seeking for an online job since many years, and this is not my first time to do.
My skills (I can help finding software solutions from the windows to the linux, that I have experienced with Windows versions, Ubuntu, Sabayon, Maemo, Android and also Symbian) I am about finishing PHP, Javascript study book soon, and i have experience at HTML tags and websites building. Any help please to find an online job?
Pretend that i am a Big Noob asking :)
Thank u in advance ! …
Any help will be appreciated.

dknol answers:

There are so many people who are turning to the internet for work these days.There is several ways to work online and this article will tell you how to and where you can start.

1. Try different online jobs. You will need to write down the work online ideas that you get from this article. You will then need to think of which ones will fit your skills better.Many people do a variety of online work to make money. People who complete a variety of online projects are called online freelancers.

2. Become a freelance worker. Freelance workers complete online projects such as data entry, computer and software programming, website design and development, customer service representative and much more.

3.Be an online writer and get paid. Writing online articles is a popular money making option for you. There are several websites that are wanted online writers to write for them.

4. Be a webmaster or website owner. Being a webmaster, by developing websites will lead you to money online as well. Monetizing your website or websites will give you online income if you build a good website

5. Take surveys online. Many people are bringing in some extra money by taking surveys for different companies. Testing products and completing offers via the internet is something to try out for online work.

6. Make money blogging! There are so many people making money blogging. Start a free blog and post your content, affiliate links and banners, adsense ads and amazon products on your blog.

Carol asks…

How Can earn by starting won website? and how can contact advertisers and google for advertising in my site?

I just want to earn by working online.

dknol answers:

The main thing is that ur website must have a Good content for Maximum hits & Good ranking in Google & other search engines put some ads & displays saying contact for ads here & put ur contact details,the better useful ur website is the more advertisers will be there for u!also u need to do SEO for uplifting ur ranking in search engines.

Thomas asks…

Can you tell me websites that work when Optimum Online shuts off its service.

My Optimum service has been shut down due to an unpaid bill. However, I find Google,, and the Yahoo search engines to work. Also for some reason, Yahoo Answers works as well. Can anybody else with such experience lend a hand and tell me of more, better websites that work. I also don't need any people to make jokes pertaining to this. I doubt anybody but your sorry self would be laughing anyway.

dknol answers:

Sounds like an anomaly that you can get online at all. I'm not making fun of you but its unlikely theres others out there that are in the same situation as usually once service is terminated you won't be able to get to anything.

Donna asks…

About Jobs on Google?

do you or anyone you know work for google online ang get paid for it????

dknol answers:

Hi, you can get money from google in two ways, one is searching in their jobs portal and worldwide offices, check the following post in a job forum:,97.0.html

also you can get paid when you have blogs, wikis or forums and put google publicity, this is simple, you just have to get an ADSENSE account in and put a small code in your pages, in that way google puts publicity and pays some money for each click.

Its not hard to get between 50 to 100 dollars per month in publicity, I have severals blogs and forums, check some of this:

I hope this could help you.

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