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Jenny asks…

which is true/real site for online work in india?

Hi ,
i am student ,now i have vacation so i want to earn some money during vacation for future studies,so i am looking the real/true online internet data entry job,i searched lot in google it gaves me lot of results but i dont know which is true and which is fake? so please any one help me which is real and true site which offers a online data entry work in india…so that i can utilize my vacation for making money..

Thanks in Advanced

dknol answers:


While there are plenty of online jobs that you will come across on the internet, you will have to be extra careful in choosing the one that will provide you the right employment. Please do check the authenticity of these offers.

You can try – a job portal that provides comprehensive listing of jobs in the market, along with information and news of all industry sectors and career advice of topics ranging from interview preparation, resume development, job search, workplace issues, etc.

That said, you might find Part-time/online/work from home jobs here:

Hope this was useful. Good luck!

Sharon asks…

what does anyone know about working for google placing adds online?

dknol answers:

This is called Adsense Program.

If you have a website or blog you can add google ads to the site by using adsense and you can earn some money by clicks on ads.

For complete understanding go to..


Richard asks…

My Sims 3 won't work online!?

Okay, so I'm on Sims 3 and it says the password is invalid, so I ask for a new one, that's invalid too. Then I get a third one and it just comes up with this symbol
and doesn't leave. So I try going on internet explorer, instead of Google Chrome then it logs me in but comes up with: What's your serial number, Persona and Gender? So I put it all in then it says

“The serial code you entered is invalid. Please enter a valid serial code and re-submit. Leave serial code empty to register without a serial code.”

What do I do? It's not pre-owned because I played on it months ago, and could get onto the website and used the same serial code.
Someone fucken answer.

dknol answers:

I would say that you should consult the game service about this situation… Explain how you can't get the game working…

Oh… You might want to try to…

?Refresh the connection..
?Clean up the computer/game

Good luck!

Robert asks…

Working for Google by posting links real or fake?

I want to know if working for or with google online is a scam, I was sent a link that I could make money just by posting links, they told me I would not get rich by doing so, but I can earn some extra income. I want to know if anyone ever heard about this, or even tried this out and was actually paid for it. I need to know is it too good to be true? Thanks

dknol answers:

It's bogus. Google doesn't hire anyone to post links for them. There are a ton of websites promoting this scam, and Google isn't associated with any of them. They simply want to mislead you so you'll pay them $100, either one-time or monthly!

You won't believe how many times this question gets asked.

Donna asks…

does the internet Google ad sense and click bank methods work for making money online?

dknol answers:

That is a difficult combination to get to work, expect to take 25 to 200 clicks to make a sale if direct linking to the offer, many of which will get you banned from Adwords, having your own landing-presell page can be safer and might improve quality score and lower click cost, still it takes careful optimization and some research losses to come up with a profitable campaign.

Creating a site that gets organic search ranking is the conservative but slow approach.

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