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Susan asks…

Searching for work online?

To be frank, I'm a broke college kid desperately needing a way to earn money for textbooks, gas, food and tuition. Being a student, I also need a job that works around my schedule and that wont hinder my studies. I haven't had much luck while searching for ways to work online myself because the ones that come up on Google are all scams. So I need some help. Does anyone here know a way that I can work online legitimately? Or, if not, do you have ideas that can help me make money without requiring much up front?

*I'm already a ChaCha guide but lets face it, that just isn't reliable. It's more fun than anything else.

dknol answers:

Go to they have good methods to earn online there.

Mandy asks…

Online part time Job for google, is it legitimate?

There has always been this fraud associated with online google part time jobs, where u can work at home and earn up to 7500 dollars a month. but ever since is saw “Kevins Road to Riches
How I started making $7,500 a month working with Google“, I thought it could be a legitimate job.
So basically im looking for opinions or facts on this job. Is it really a Fraud?

dknol answers:

Completely and totally fake. Google doesn't have online-only jobs.

Charles asks…

I really want to know do those online job thing work?

I have been getting the same e-mail for about 3 years now about working at home with Google. It says that I have to buy a starter kit first which is $1.49 or something like that and i am really thinking about doing it but first i want to know is it really real i mean does it really work?

dknol answers:

99.9% of thoe email are scam. If you like to get some online job, you can just go to those freelancer site – to bid the job

Carol asks…

flv videos won't work online on my laptop, but just fine on a desktop?

i can download and watch flv videos, youtube, etc. except it won't stream any flv files to my laptop.
but it works just fine on my desktop computer, same system which is windows 7. it works on any desktop type (like vista, xp etc), but none of them work for my laptop. i have adobe flash and shockwave. i tried firefox,IE,google chrome, and safari. but nothing on here works. anyone know why? btw,all other video streaming types work just fine.
i tried those. yes, i said i had adobe installed and it was the latest version. i re-did it anyway but it didn't work. i tried the VLC player and it won't even try to start it.

dknol answers:

Try this program it will play just about anything remeber to rate.

Thomas asks…

Do online translations work with your language?


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First one is Japanese and secound one is what I translated and the last one is what “google translate” translated. It never work with Japanese and not understandable. How about other languages?
I don't trust online translations and haven't used it but just tried and saw that horrible translation.

Is it at least better level in your language or pretty much same with the Japanese-English translation?

dknol answers:

None of them really work. All languages are contextual and when we throw a different word order into the mix online translators have no chance. I am English and speak French German and now Chinese too. I use online translators for odd words that I can't be bothered to look up in a dictionary or for a general gist of a passage, but I would never rely on one for anything. German usually comes out garbled because of preposition positions and verbs at the end of sentences. As for Chinese, because you use fewer characters to get across meaning (as opposed to words in English) it comes out strange because most words in Chinese are made from 2 characters and when you want them separate but the translator makes them another word, there's no way to understand. That's my view anyway!

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