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Sharon asks…

Where can I watch ALL of the degrassi episodes and they all work!? online and free!?

I LOVE the show degrassi but im trying to find a website where i can watch all or most off the episodes seasons 1-7 for free. I looked on, the and other places and i have found sites like but it doesnt work for some reason. Also, i know 1.99 a episode at itunes but i cant spend that money for each 15 min show. Please help! Thanks ~ Emily

dknol answers:



Ken asks…

How do ‘free' texts online work?

Out of curiousity i wanted to use one of the free SMS text services that are available like ‘text 4 free‘ etc. I was wondering how they work, are they safe and totally free? does the person receiving the text have to pay? whats in it for the service?

All help needed, thanks.

dknol answers:

Thers no such thing as a free txt there is always hidden charges or u have to make an acount and put your details in , u can get free txts with 02 by being on there network and goin online and putting your phone number in and getting an online acount but u have to top up and u only get like10 free txts online.

Betty asks…

I have finance degree but no practical work in finance and account. how i can get job online for experience?

I have finance degree but i have no job to put in practical what ever i have learned. I just want to work free online for any firm if they give me work which enhance my practical experience and they will get work free of cost. If you people have any source and can assist me would be a great kindness to me. I am forgetting these thing which i have learned during my academic session so any work related to finance or accounting which is required for any company would be my pleasure if got.
thanks for your support.

dknol answers:

It helps to apply online anyway for jobs that require experience. Be sure to incorporate a lot of industry buzzwords on your resume. In the objective, state that it is a career goal. You will get there.

Mark asks…

Does anybody know of any free legitimate work at home online jobs in South Africa?

I am a stay-at-home South African mum. I am currently looking for employment. Any answers would be appreciated.

dknol answers:

You can only obtain legitimate work from home positions from brick and mortar companies.

You want to send your resume out to companies hiring for positions you are qualified for, but include in your resume that you have a home office and you wish to work remotely. Include how you have your home office set up and what equipment you already have in order for you to perform your job.

These jobs are just going to advertised as jobs, they would not promote them as “work at home” because they would hear from too many unqualified people.

Chris asks…

Battlefiled 2142 free working online cd key?

Hi does anyone have to give me cd key for bf 2142?I really want to play ONLINE!I love unlocks and achievments. That is my favourite thing like RANKS,UNLOCKS and everything…
I forgot to say i don't have any credit card and i don't have any phone in my house!
And yes i buyed game, and it comes with invalid cd KEY!!

dknol answers:

Buy the game and you will have access to all your favorite things – even brown paper packages!

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