Your Questions About Work Online For Free

Ruth asks…

looking for online work any good free web sites out there?

would like to bring in a good bit of money if possible.

dknol answers:

If you want a legitimate work at home program go to to find some work.

I used this option and I am making about $2500 per month. I'm not getting rich but I still make some money while staying at home.

George asks…

Are there any free online “work out” schedules, that are decent?

I am looking for a free online service where I can cater a workout. Thanks

dknol answers:

There can't be a 1 size fits all work out because we are all different and so are our goals
to set a program you need details about the person that it's for and an idea of what they wish to gain from their efforts also the amount of time they have and any strong or weak points because you need to be balanced in you training
send me a message if you want help and i'll try to help you with a program

Joseph asks…

How can i find some online freelance photoshop work for free?

dknol answers:

Connect with to place a bid, it is free.
However, if you do not have a portfolio, or are exceptionally good, your chances are very limited to find any work.
If you search for someone to work for free, then, only in your dreams.

Mary asks…

Do you think it's unfair for singers and movie-makers that people are downloading their work online for free

Is the goverment doing anything about it or do you think it's going to get worse in the future?

dknol answers:

Not really because their all soo rich. Why should I feel sorry for them.

I doubt the government will be able to do much about it.

Sandy asks…

i have a computer and internet how can i start online free money earning?

i want to earn more money from online work doing at home i dont know to do this type. i can not spare money for that . i want to join free and getting free job work

dknol answers:

You can't get free money without strings attached. A little work is mandatory all the time. Never trust the people who give you for free the recipe of wellness.
It it would be an easy legal way to earn free money, then all the people would do it, including those who are supposed to pay you.
Follow those rules:
1. Find something which is needed. Something that will determine someone to pay for it.
2. Compute the costs. How much will cost you versus how much you will gain (in time)
3. Try it. A looser is someone who does not try, not someone who fail.

Good luck!

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