Your Questions About Work Online For Free

Chris asks…

online sites i can work online for free?

i would like good online sites i can work and get good money
no payment or anything like my credit card number or anything

dknol answers:

Check it out here. It’s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look.


Steven asks…

Does anyone know of a working free online SMS sender (UK numbers)?

I'm trying to find a free online SMS sending service that will send to UK mobiles, does anybody know of one? I thought I'd found one, it's called but so far I've sent 8 messages through this service and not one of them has arrived. Any suggestions, it must be completely free to use, if I could afford to pay for them I'd put credit on my phone. Thanks.

dknol answers:

You can visit this site it has lots of great information on free calls

Mandy asks…

where can i work for free online and get paid real money that comes threw mail

dknol answers:

As in a weekly check? There's plenty of places where you can work, however what type of work can you do? What are your qualifications? What is your work history? If you have a fairly fast typing speed and DSL, you can apply for several different positions. If you have good customer skills, this just broadened what you can do at home.
Without knowing what your qualifications are, I can only suggest you take a look at this article, and if you feel you can qualify for the positions hiring for, then apply and hope for the best.

Ruth asks…

does anyone know of a free online website for work that is not a scam?

I am looking to take surveys or whatever type of online work that there is. if anyone knows of a free website that is not a scam, please let me know. Thanks a lot.

dknol answers:

This site pays i have got few bucks from them.


Laura asks…

how can i find some online freelance photoshop work for free?

I can design company logos and other stuff. i can draw and did a little painting before. i just want to make some money without paying for memberships and stuff. I prefer online because it costs alot to travel and is too time consuming. I'm in Canyon Country California.

dknol answers:

Do you have a website? Perhaps you could post an ad on – everyone uses it and it's free. Also, if you don't have a website, you can always create a myspace page for your artwork and use that instead – also free. Myspace actually works well because you can display your whole portfolio and even customize the background if you want. It's also very nice for meeting other artists and letting loads of people all over the world see your stuff. I'm an artist too :)
Good luck, wish you well!

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