Your Questions About Work Online For Free

Sandra asks…

Really pay money for data entry work, survey or online work?

Any tell me which is best for me earn money india data entry work or sarvey because i have econimical problem in my house.Any company they pay really money i trust them and working for free. pls tell me trustable company for really pay money for they work.

dknol answers:

Don't. They're all scams. Get a real job.

Check out the link below to see why.

Steven asks…

Im 15. and im looking for a site that wil pay me alot to work online in my free time. plz help thx.?

i need to make money for when i
start driving. in 2 months
and i need to make the most money
possible with the littlest amount of work.
any help??

dknol answers:

Why are you so lazy? Good luck finding a (legal) high paying-low effort job with no experience.

You must be a Democrat.

David asks…

I need motivation to eat better and exercise more. Any way to find a work-out buddy online for free?

It would be nice to check in with someone a few times a week to talk about work outs, diet and progress… without paying for it. Help! I really only have like 10 lbs to lose and I want to do it before vacation in June.

dknol answers:

I have BEEN there girlfriend! It's always those stubborn 10 pounds before beach week isn't it? Ugh. Just a quick tip: it's the habit and routine of exercise that leads to success.

That being said, I found an online fitness program that caters to those craving that exercise routine. I check in daily on with Mel, my virtual fitness trainer, and he helps me target those 10 pounds and also personalizes all my meals! He uses my daily feedback to personalize my workout routines AND food choices for the same price as a monthly gym membership (or less) AND far cheaper than face-time with a personal trainer. It's the closest to an online work-out buddy as I have found, with serious results! Good luck!

Ruth asks…

Are there any good work at home for free online programs?

We are struggling a little at home at the moment, so i thought i try and earn some extra money online. Anybody has experience with a good internet type business that doesn't cost anything initially to get me starting? Thank you for your help.


dknol answers:

Let me share with you what I have found….There aren't any worthy work at home options from the internet. Nearly all are either a scam or plain out, will not pay you. Please think about this….If this was a fesible option, wouldn't we all work from home?

Susan asks…

Where can I find Dante's Inferno (the literary work) online to read?

I've already tried my local library, and I'm not sure how long it'll take them to find the actual Divine Comedy translated for me to check out and read, and I have no clue where to look online for a free copy of the work. Any help?

Please and thanks !!

dknol answers:


Search for Dante, pick your language, pull up Inferno and start reading. This is a legitimate site and everything is free. Project Gutenberg is dedicated to preserving works like Dante and making them available to future generations.

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