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Steven asks…

homeschool free online for 9-11 do work online?

Free online courses for grades 9-11 starting now?
I need to get started now on this and need a good program for my kids.People have told me of SOS yet cant find information can anyone give me the website to go to?

dknol answers:

SOS is old — not many places use it anymore. It's now called Ignitia. And it's not free…each course tends to be around $300-$500. That is, if you're talking about the online version. You can still buy the computer based version from AOP.

Go here:

If you're trying to find something that's free, it won't be SOS or Ignitia. Look into charter schools (online public schools) — k12 or Connections Academy.

Sharon asks…

Any therapists out there willing to work for free online?

Id like to email you or chat with you on yahoo please :)

dknol answers:

Not to be discouraging, but people on this site are mostly non professionals. I hope I'm wrong and someone's able to help you with what you're struggling with. Good luck.

James asks…

How to earn money online for free?

Im Nillvin Laranjo. 13 years old.Well im always at home surfing the net and playing games. But this time im thinking of earning money at home for free. Can I earn money online? Please teach me.
Btw, i live in Philippines. Can you give me some websites that i can work online for free? please. Thank you.

dknol answers:

The whole “earn $ on-line” thing is a MYTH.
If there were anything to it … Then WHY is the unemployment rate so high?

In order to earn … One must provide some product or service that
people are willing to pay for ….

Just exactly what do you intend to provide?


Lisa asks…

Do the free laptop offers online actually work?

I keep getting e-mails about signing up for promotions in order to get a ‘free‘ laptop. I was wondering if they actually work.

dknol answers:

Most of them are total rip off and scams but if your lucky enough to find a totally legite one you should do it.

Heres the site


Daniel asks…

is there really any online work at home jobs for free or close to free?

dknol answers:

It sounds like you need to start your own company and employ yourself.

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