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James asks…

I want do online work frm home like Paid survay,Click to earn & Dataentry job,Help me to find free programmes?

I am kolar, it is 70kms from Bangalore city,I am searching for some free to Registred websites/programmes which provides paid to suryvay,click to earn & Data entry job in india, Every web site i have visited ask for money and most of the website or for USA Residents, iam from india, i am having a very low income source that's why iam searching for some online work, so help me to find some FREE Website's/FREE paid to survay,Click to earn & Data entry Programmes which are Avelable in india, i have tryed a lot but they were not for our region please help me by giving some Free to Registred & working wesites Address's i am very much in need. waiting for responceses.

dknol answers:

Working from home is the best idea to earn some money. If you are thinking that it is time to create some extra income from the internet, congratulationsI believe you will find the online job that you love the most.

Daniel asks…

does anyone know good website for online work?

i have been to many different websites but they all have asked me to join or sign up for a membership and they want me to pay them with credit card. this sounds fishy to me. so if anyone knows of a website or company to contact for free online work please let me know.

dknol answers:

Have you tried Cashcrate? No credit Card required.

Maria asks…

Anyone hiring a online writer that would work for free?

I would prefer to review products such as games, books (ect.).

dknol answers:

A suggestion: Start a self-published book review site. People who self-publish are _desperate_ for reviews. Good luck!

To find them, go to and look around.

George asks…

Is there any online jobs that are free for work at home moms?

i want to find a job for my mom because shes looking for another one besides the one she has and i was wondering if anyone knows of one that is scam free and that you dont have to pay for. Hopefully one that pays every week or something because shes spending time with us right now but if she gets another job she wont be able to and i really need any help or sites that can help me so she can work at home and still be with us thanks!

dknol answers:

Hello, if you are interested in working from home, this is a great business. First of all I want to tell you I have checked out tons of work at home jobs..going to extremes of looking them up on the Better Business Bureau website..all the ones I have found have a NEGATIVE file..then I came across this work at home job..looked them up and they are satisfactory..they have been in business for 9 yrs now. I took the first step by giving them a chance and it is the best decision I have made for myself..they train, give you everything you need to actually make money and everyone who works for them are extremely helpful. I urge you to look over their site and watch the video that is presented (which tells you what the business is about and how you make a profitable paycheck). If you have any questions or just need more information please feel free to contact me, I dont mind helping at all!!! Just thought Id let you know about this because I have went thru the same thing you are going thru..looking at tons of online jobs to find nothing but a waste of my time. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!!

Mark asks…

Please help, I need a shrink online that will work for free?

Are there any shrinks online that is willing to help me without expecting money? please help….

dknol answers:

This really isn't a good idea. Not only do you not know what you're getting when you're not sitting face-to-face with someone who's supposed to be a therapist, but it's also very hard to get therapy from someone who can't observe you firsthand. Sure, you can chat and exchange emails, but it's still not the same as having someone observe your tone of voice, mannerisms, appearance, and mood.

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