Your Questions About Work Online For Free

Lisa asks…

how can i work for a company online for free of work for free doing something other then surveys?

i need something where i dont need a credit card cause i dont have one so if anyone can help me

dknol answers:

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Jenny asks…

What are some free online games that work for Windows 7?

I just got Windows 7 and downloading my old games will take a lot of time so I wanted something to play while downloading. What are some free online games that work for Windows 7?

dknol answers:

Dragon's Call is available for Windows 7. Http://

Dragon's Call is an Epic Browser Based MMORPG set in the Ancient World of Stilland. The game is featured with stunning graphics and a large variety of ways to play. Your character will be equipped with an variety of weapons, skills and magical abilities to help you in your journey through quests across the mysterious lands.

George asks…

Free, Working, Online Diet System?

I'm looking for a free, online diet system.
does anyone know of one?

(i.e. southbeach and akins charges)

dknol answers:

Give this free E-book a shot, you can download it immediately. It's a no-bullshit newbie guide on how to make money online. Since it's free, you might as well try it out!

Donald asks…

where can you get a list of your work history for free online?

i'm doning a resume and cant remember the dates i worked and i need to fax this tonite please help i tried my local employment office but couldnt find anything any answers would be helpful

dknol answers:

I sure hope you can't… That's the kind of information no one needs to have in any sort of database except you. Besides, unless you've worked exclusively for government agencies, no one's keeping track.

Are the exact dates that important? Usually they're okay with months, or even years if it was awhile ago. You can't expect someone to remember they exact day they quit that job 12 years ago!

Mark asks…

tell me a trustworthy site where i can work online and earn for free with no starting investments?

dknol answers:

Well it all depends upon the field of work you are looking for
There are sites like guru, odesk, essaywriters, freelancers and others where can have the basic membership for free and try to get jobs by bidding.
Happy working

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