Your Questions About Work Online Data Entry

Ken asks…

Does anyone know and can name legal and reliable data entry work online companies?

dknol answers:

Check this out…

William asks…

Am a graduate. I want some part time online work like data entry.?

I am a graduate. I want some part time online work like data entry. I can spend 2-3 hours a day.. Can anyone please guide me. Please don't give links to any fake sites.

dknol answers:

Hiii my dear friend I would like to tell u wat I got from my past experience…

I have tried a lot of websites to earn online but they all are scams…they just take advance payment from u and result in nothing…
Don't ever pay any website in advance other wise u end up in wasting your money….

Robert asks…

How can i get a data entry work through online to type ?

pls send me the details of the companies who will give the data entry work for outsourcig through net….

dknol answers:

For online work, your looking at receiving a low pay. I don't think this is the best way to go. What I've personally experienced and found that's better, if you want to work online, is to start up a business and partner up with a company that direct sales a product or service. My wife and I got involved in this type of business over six years ago. We collaborated with a company and had them set up a web site for us to sale the products and services that we were providing. After doing this, you'll have to generate traffic to your site. The most effective way we've found is simply word of mouth, or referring people to our site.
You can partner up with a company that gives you monthly earnings from services that you put people on either by in person, phone or from your web site. What I mean is for instance, my wife and I partnered up with a telecommunications service provider and all the cellular phone companies. Someone purchase a cell phone from our web site, or a land line or Internet service or whatever, the product itself your able to provide at a lower cost through the providers. When someone gets on the services, the company pays you a percentage of that person's billing every single month, month after month for the referral from you by word of mouth or by your web site.
Once you decide on a product and/or service, you need to start driving “traffic” to your web site. A lot of work but well worth the effort when your income starts going and continues to increase as the more you sale and having loyal customers bring in more customers from their referrals that get linked to you and you make more money.
Offer a product and/or service that's high in demand and something that's going to continue monthly income regardless if they buy or replace a product. That's my advice. You can keep looking for data entry work, but your most likely going to have to go into an office setting for this line of work.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Sandy asks…

I need an online data entry job to work from home without investment/deposit?

Hi I am from Sri Lanka and I need an online data entry job to work from home without investment/deposit. please hepl me

dknol answers:

Unfortunantly ive also been on the lookout for at home legit date entry and have yet to find anything! It sucks! Everything wants money down and ive been told by numerous ppl they are scams.

Ive been using this link for at home work. It updates now and again with new at home job listings that are completely free. Ive gotten pay checks from the top two jobs on the site. The rest i havent made enough to cash out yet but working on it :)

Laura asks…

Online Data Entry work: If my Employer is communicating from US, How to get Earnings?

I am from India. If I get online data entry job from my employer who is US or any other country citizen, How to get money to my address by postal service from the employer. Please show me the right direction.

dknol answers:

Online Data Entry jobs are Scams. There is no job, they will just want some money from you to start up, then you will never hear from them again.
This is a Common Scam in the UK.

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