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Sandy asks…

What is an affordable gaming computer that will run Wow on high detail?

I'm sick and tired of laptops overheating so I'm looking for a desktop computer in the 400-700$ range that will run WOW and Runescape on high detail with no lagg

dknol answers:

Don't know much about Runescape but for WOW I can give some recommendations. I have Phenom X4 955 with 4GB RAM and GT 440 videocard. CPU is overclocked though to 3.6GHz . All that in nice case CM HAF 912 with reliable PSU and fast Samsung F3 HDD plus I just added SSD to it. I can run WOW on 1920×1080 with all settings on High and I get above 30FPS all the time.
You can check this PC for some similar results:

Mark asks…

What do i need to run WoW on max settings?

I just got a new computer for Christmas and want to run WoW on max settings. It is an HP desktop with 8gb ram, AMD Athlon II x4 650 processor, and an ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics card. Any help will be appreciated!

dknol answers:

Yeah, like the previous poster stated, that graphics card will only let you play on low..
Try getting a different card like the Radeon 5770..

Helen asks…

If my Computer runs WOW will it run Star Wars Old Republic?

My computer barely runs the game WOW. Are the system requirments for Old republic more? Or the same?

dknol answers:

SWTOR requires somewhat better machine to run, though “run” may be very not specific, if it's 800×600 and low settings – then yeah it will run. On a serious note – 1080p and high settings will need quite a lot more than WOW which is really old now. You should aim at a new gaming computer, the one that will hold for a few years, like this i5 2500K…

Donald asks…

Why does my ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128mb Graphics card run wow at only 11FPS with all the settings on low?

the card is set up fine, even in the bios of the computer. Wow will only run wow at 12 FPS max. The card is set to 4x. is it just a slow graphics card?
running XP professional. AMD athlon XP 3200
1g of ram.

dknol answers:

Quite possibly because it is, what, a 12 year old chipset?

Outside of that…are you talking about out in the boonies or in town?

If it's in the boonies, sounds like you need to upgrade (and if it's only operating at 4x, possibly the whole computer). If you're in-town when you're hitting those framerates… That is due to lag. I've heard of people with $3000 computers bought in the last two years seeing as low as 6FPS in some instances and raids. Remember, the more people on the server, the slower you'll be…although if you're in the boonies, it won't be as noticeable. The more people in the same instance/area/raid as you, the lower your framrate, because in addition to the datastream from the game, you also have supplemental data plus the additional frame draw due to the unpredictable actions of the other players.

Good Luck!

Sandra asks…

Why do I get random lag on World of Warcraft?

My computer runs WoW fine but sometimes it will randomly hit a huge lag spike where my FPS will go down to like 10 fps. When I have my graphics on low I have 60 fps pretty much everywhere I am. It seems like it does it after I alt tab out of the game and come back. In order to fix the lag I have to restart my computer every time, anyone know what a solution would be to this?

dknol answers:

What I would recommend would be to play in fullscreen mode, I tend to get much better fps when I do that. Of course you cant alt tab out as easily but thats the price you pay for better fps. Also make sure your computer is well cool. My computer had really cheap fans so I have to blow a personal fan at the back to keep it cool.

Hope this helps

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