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Donna asks…

Will my laptop be able to support the game World of Warcraft?

Hi, my laptop id Dell and has 0.99 GB of RAM. Will this be enough to support World of Warcraft without any problems? Thanks for reading.
My laptop is Dell, and it has 0.99 GB of RAM. Will this be enough to support World of Warcraaft at all?
This additional imformation is for Jonny D. My laptop make is Dell.

dknol answers:

The easiest way to answer your question would be to visit this site:

Type in the name of your game and it will run a small application to test your computer to see if it would work.

Betty asks…

Why does my computer shut off while I'm playing games?

I would like to know why my computer keeps shutting off while I'm playing video games. I've done many things to try to solve this problem (been happening for over a year now) and I'm completely stumped. I've taken my laptop apart and cleared the pathways of any dust around my fan and vents. I a separate fan under my laptop to keep it off the bed/couch that has a fan on it as well to help suck in cool air under it and blow it up towards the underside of my laptop. I've also downloaded a temperature monitor to check to see if my CPU is overheating and I just can't feel it. Everything looks normal and there's no excessive over heating that could explain it to shut off the way it does. It doesn't close programs slowly and gradually shut off. It just, plain as day, right in the middle of something, turns off. Also I've felt this computer get MUCH hotter before and still work perfectly fine. Like burn your leg hot! So eliminating the overheating factor I thought it might be something to do with the power supply. So I did a couple of tests with this as well. My results:

Test 1:

Power Supply: Plugged In
Battery: In
Result: Ranging anywhere from 5-30 minutes of play time before shutting down.

Test 2:

Power Supply: Plugged In
Battery: Out
Results: Same as Test 1.

Now here's where things seem to get interesting.

Test 3:

Power Supply: Unplugged
Battery: In
Results: Will stay on until the battery runs down.

It seems to be that whenever I unplug my computer from the A/C power and let it run on battery it will stay on until the battery runs dry. I've even tried getting my computer to overheat and shut down before the battery runs dead but to no avail. I've tried running World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Chrome, Youtube, Skype. All at the same time and it runs it just fine.

So what I can guess is that there is something wrong with my power, whether it be that the computer isn't getting enough from the power supply or that something is faulty, I honestly haven't a clue.

So anyone have an answer to this one?
It's not a virus problem. I've reformatted my computer completely countless times just to make sure that isn't the problem. I even went out and bought a brand spanking new version of Windows 7 just to make sure that the backup software that came with my computer wasn't corrupt.

dknol answers:

Okay, since you know how to reformat I'll assume you know how to use an ISO. Download this, it's called memtest86 [1] you'll need to create a bootable CD from the image and boot into it like you would a LiveCD or Windows Setup disk.

Let it run a full diagnostic. It will check your RAM. I had a laptop that acted like that, seemed to be completely random as to when and where it would shut down, in the end it had a “stuck bit”, replacing the RAM solved the problem – oh and FYI, most RAM comes with lifetime warranty so you should be able to make the manufacturer of the RAM replace it at no cost if that turns out to be the case.

Michael asks…

Is there a program that determines wheter or not my computer can run a game?

I remember there was a website that let you choose a game and it runs a test to tell wheter or not your computer can handle the game. But the thing is I cant remember the name. So if anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.

dknol answers:

Go to this site, and where the ogre thing is is “Can you run it”. Click on it and run World of Warcraft, When its done it will show the same thing “Can you run it”, and next to it will be Click to test more products. Click it and choose the game you wish to test.

William asks…

what are some good ways to make my computer go faster?

My computer is going extremely slow and when it used to be slow I would just reboot the computer but now that's not doing sh*t anymore.My mom thinks its one of my video games “World of Warcraft” but if that were true then it would have been going slow almost 2 years ago. HELP PLEASE!

dknol answers:

There may be two reasons why your PC is running slow.
1. You havn't cleant up your PC for a long time.
2. You have got a virus or spyware on your PC.
You may search for answers
I suggest you to run a virus test firstly with your virus scanner:(if you don't have virus killer, you may try Bitdefender, it is the best:
1. Firstly, update your virus scanner database
2. Then run the scanner and check whether you have virus on your PC.
When you find viruses, Kill them!
3.Then Restart your Computer.

Now you'll find your PC is faster than before,
If not.
You may definetly need to clean up your PC.
Here is instructions about how to clean your PC:
1. Download a nice PC cleaner from
(System cleaner is a best choice)
2. Run the cleaner and clean up your PC.
3. Restart your PC
If you haven't, get one of these antiviruses and download, install and scan





OR you can install more RAM

Ken asks…

Running World Of Warcraft with a GMA X3100/Express Chipset Family graphics card?

I would like to know if it meets the minimal requirements or even the reccommended requirements for the game. Also, if it doesn't meet the reccommended requirements, do you have to sacrifice a lot of display settings to get it to work?

dknol answers:

I would suggest you clicking on the link below and allowing the site to test your hardware. They will then give you a breakdown of whether or not your computer will be able to run a specific game. (Just select the game from the drop down list, and allow it to run.)

For your information it says this about minimum requirements to run Wrld of Warcraft.

Minimum: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent

CPU Speed
Minimum: 800 MHz

System RAM
Minimum: 512 MB

Operating System
Minimum: Windows ME/2000/XP

Video Card
Minimum: 32 MB 3D graphics card with Hardware Transform & Lighting (NVIDIA GeForce2+)

Video RAM: Required – 32 MB
Video Card 3D Acceleration: Required – Yes
Video HW Transform & Lighting: Required

DirectX Version
Minimum: 9.0c (included)

Sound Card
Minimum: Yes

Free Disk Space
Minimum: 6 GB

Minimum: 4x CD-ROM drive

I don't believe your graphics chip supports Transform and Lighting (T&L), so you won't be able to play it. Sorry.

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