Your Questions About Will My Computer Play Wow

Michael asks…

With this spec what would be the best graphics card for playing wow?

Comp spec

os windows 7
4gb (holds up to 16)

What graphics card is best to play wow for this computer ?

My range is £10 – £115

or is there better ones i should save for ?

dknol answers:

If you already own this PC, then, go for a HD 6850

If you're planning for the future, i seriously recommend getting an i3 2100 and a HD 5700

Linda asks…

Why is my computer restarting when I play world of warcraft?

This is the only program it does it on. I can run other games just fine with no problem, surf the net, everything, but when I play wow, my computer restarts. I've done virus scans, registery scans, spyware scans, every kinda scan I can think of, and it's still doing it. Any ideas?

dknol answers:

Well wow is a data intensive game meaning it takes a lot of energy to work it. So your fan on your computer or laptop probably is getting dirty because stuff builds up in there just give it a good clean

Robert asks…

What is needed to play World of Warcraft?

What kind of computer/laptop is needed to play WOW successfully?? I dont know what all the numbers and letters mean. Im very lost and seek wisdom from people that know what they are looking at.
I want to learn, i just need someone to teach me.

dknol answers:

WoW World of Warcraft Requirements (Off the website)

The system requirements for World of Warcraft:

Processor: 800MHz or higher CPU.

RAM (Memory): 256Mb or more.

Video (Video Card): GeForce 2 or better

Hard Drive Space (HDD): 3Gb or more available.

DirectX 9.0 or above.

Operating System: MacOS X 10.3 (Panther) or better.

Processor:1.0GHz or higher G4 or G5.

RAM (Memory): 512Mb or higher, DDR RAM recommended.

Video (Video Card): ATI or NVIDIA video hardware with 64Mb VRAM or more.

Hard Drive Space (HDD): 3Gb or more available.

HDD= Hard drive= Amount of space needed, most new computers come with 100 Gb or more now. 8 Gb is needed for Windows, so you'll need a 30 or 40 Gb HDD for regular use with Wow.

RAM= Memory= Think of it as a side kick to the Processor, it helps process things faster, 256 k is really, really low. You can get 1 Gb (256 k X 4) for $10-$15 now as long as it's DDR2 (what most new machines will need). For the best Wow experience I would recommend 1 Gb of memory, but that much isn't needed.

Processor= Literally the thing that processes things you want your machine to do. 800 MHz is going to be easy to find in a machine younger than 5 years old, most processors are 2000 MHz or higher now.

Video= Video Card= Card on your system board that helps the video along. The better the video card the better Wow will run and look, so this isn't something to go cheap on. A decent video card is from $50 and up.

I hope this helps.

Ruth asks…

Can I play WoW on a Computer without Expansions?

OKAY, I have a lvl 63 Troll Mage.

I want to play WoW on a computer that does not have Burning Crusade.

Can I use my account to pay on this computer, and just not use the parts of the game that require Burning Crusade?

dknol answers:

Most of the computers that have WOW will download most of the staff that is required for expansions so I bet you will have no problems. There are may be some parts that will have to be downloaded as you play, but it will be done without you noticing it if you have good internet. But most of the staff for BC will already be there, like blood elves – even those without BC should be able to see them in vanilla areas, so textures for them should be downloaded even if you don't own BC and so on…

Donna asks…

Whats the best gaming computer for someone on a budget?

I want a computer that i can play WoW on with no lag and high fps but i dont want to spend over $600 if i dont have to.

dknol answers:

Http:// case $35 motherboard $55 555 dual core $88 ddr3 1600mhz $41
DVD drive $24 SATA3 64mb cache hard drive $60 5830 $135 600W PSU $38 windows 7 64bit $99
Grand total for this system is $537
Watch you tube videos about building a computer. It is simple and not that time consuming, about 2 hours tops, if you take your time…

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