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Mary asks…

where can i find a cheap computer that plays world of warcraft smoothly?

I'm running a desktop with an on board video card 1.5gb of RAM and a processor from the year 2000 and i am hoping to buy a computer for under $650 that plays WoW smoothly in raids major cities etc. so please help, thanks!

dknol answers:

Honestly, the way to go would be to build your own. It takes minimal research to figure it out, read a few webpages. Should only take about 2 hours to get a general grasp of it.

From there, use these two websites; and

Those two sites have great deals on computer components, they're reliable, and they also include guides on how tobuild your own PC.

For around $450.00 you canbuild a computer that would retail for $1000.00 or more.

Michael asks…

My computer shuts down every time I play WoW or try encoding a movie?

My Laptop Computer shuts down every time I play WoW or when i try to encode a movie 75% of the way through the encoding it shuts down. I have completely wipped the hard drive and added more RAM but the problem still exists. There are no error windows to help in diagnosing the problem. My laptop is a gateway and is only 2 yrs old.

dknol answers:

It might be a heat issue, it could be overheating. Take it to someone that knows how to repair laptops and have them clean all of the dust and whatnot out of it. I have done many laptops that a lot of hair and dust accumulated in the heatsink stopping the airflow and overheating.

Nancy asks…

How many of my computers can download World of Warcraft after I have bought the disk?

If I have 4 computers and I want to play WoW on all 4 of them, can I download the disk on all 4 with just buying one package(disk)?

dknol answers:

Because World of Warcraft doesn't require a serial key to be installed (only to create a new account), you can install the game on any number of computers. Unlike other computer games, you're only installing the client software, to access the game itself on a server. I play it on 2 computers side by side so I can play 2 accounts.

Carol asks…

When people refer to lag in computer games what do they mean?

Does this mean loading time, graphics loading, freezing, ect. I am trying to learn my computer lingo!! Once I need a new computer I am excited to play wow and stuff.

dknol answers:

They are talking about the annoying delaying process which it takes for certain text to appear on screen, the time it takes to move their charactets. Its just the time delay. :)

Charles asks…

How can i improve graphics but reduce lag in WoW?

I play WoW and my computer is only 4 years old i think and whenever I increase the graphics it lags so much. I play on the lowest setting usaully but I would love to play with better graphics and not lag. Is there anyway to improve my graphics without lagging a lot and not buying a new computer?

dknol answers:

If your computer system is a desktop, the only way around it is to increase your memory (RAM) to the maximum in which it can handle and then increase the VRAM for the graphic chipset if allowable.

Then buy yourself a Solid State Drive to increase the performance, however you might have to reinstall the operating system and install your applications again including this game.

Now if your system is a desktop PC, you'll have upgrade the memory, if you're running Windows XP, ensure that you have at least 4GB of memory; if you're using Windows 7; ensure that you have 6 to 8GB. It doesn't matter if it is DDR2 or DDR3.

If this does not work, then you'll have to upgrade the graphics card and/or to try using a SSD, A SSD does not have any moving parts and as there is no RPM with no platters for rotations. It is also extremely quick. Simple applications will load extremely fast, almost instantaneously. Instead of taking up to a minute or more to load up the operating system; it can take up to 20 seconds at best for a SSD. This is the difference, but the cost is perhaps not that great, where a VelociRaptor running at 10,000RPM or better is perhaps more affordable but it would be a mechanical drive.

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